Past Dues

Told you, it’s gonna be a busy month for us with all the invites and outings for the weekends of May.

After our Baguio trip and Keisha’s birthday for the first weekend, we’ve got back to back first birthday invites last May 12 and 13. First was Kristaps’ christening and first birthday celebration held in University Hills in Caloocan where mister was one of his ninongs. It was a Christian baptism celebration and a pool party in one.


The next day (May 13, Sunday) we attended Shen’s first birthday in Jollibee Karuhatan. Shen was the daughter of one of my high school bffs, Angie. It was also a mini reunion with two of my highschool beshies, Angie and Chien.



The Saturday that followed was mister’s team outing with his officemates. Some of them also brought their families and kids along. Unfortunately, there was a little misunderstanding about the group tour. However, everybody enjoyed in the end.


Finally, last Monday, we attended Sam’s 7th birthday. Jhia particularly enjoyed the puppet show. Unfortunately, it rained a little and I was alone with Jhia so I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures.

This coming weeekend, we have another scheduled beach trip. This time, with the mister’s college barkada and the little kid’s ninongs.

What a busy month it is, indeed!

2 thoughts on “Past Dues

    1. Yes! Super fun. Medyo pagod lang din. Haha. Pero sulitin lang while we can, diba? And enjoying each moment with the little kid. ❤️ thanks!

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