ECE 2k10 Summer Outing

Mister’s college barkada had long been planning for an out of town and finally, “nakulayan din ang matagal nang dinrawing“.

Date: May 26-28, 2018

There were me, Jhia, mister, Jay, Lovely (Jay’s girlfriend), Art, Zander, Zeus and Jess. Lawrence and Mayaine are currently out of the country while Marnel and James had a prior commitment with their own families and so were the rest.

We stayed in Marianne Family Beach Resort, the same resort we were checked in when we had our family outing with ate. The resort was full maybe because it was a peak season. Good thing we reserved earlier thru my sister who is apparently friends with the owner.

We left Manila at past 7 in the morning. We went off a little late because Jay and Lovely would come directly from work. They picked up Zander in Ortigas and Jess in Balintawak while we went off with Art and picked up Zeus in Bocaue. We met in Shell Balagtas to change passengers and had brunch in Petron Lakeshore. Unfortunately, traffic was bad in NLEX from Balintawak to Lawang Bato due to an accident and in viaduct due to some road works. We arrived in Lakeshore at around 10:30. Huhu gutom.

L-R: Zander, Art, Jess, Zeus, Lovely, Jay, Jhia, mister and I

Unlike last time, we took TPLEX-Ramos exit going there and indeed, it was an easier and faster way getting to Pangasinan. At 1:30pm, we were already in Mangatarem. We stopped for about more than an hour for groceries and palengke. At around 3:30pm, we were in Alaminos. We’re supposed to have late lunch in Jollibee or McDonalds but the parking was full so we had a quick stop over in 7eleven instead.

After that long trip, waze directed us to a right turn going to the resort. I knew it wasn’t the route we took last time but the mister was maybe too tired he just wanted to reach the resort and thinking waze has a better idea, we followed where waze directed us. But what a waste of time (and gas) because it was a longer and bumpier route. We finally reached our destination at around 5pm.

We had a little break, unloaded our things, then me and the little kid changed and ran to the beach. Did I say she’s excited? She kept saying ‘wow, beach!’

taking an afternoon dip

When the sun was down, we prepared for dinner. The boys cooked inihaw na liempo, ensaladang talong and sinabawan na tahong. Solved!

After dinner, the boys had a drinking session to end the night while us, ladies (and the baby) went off early to bed.

*SIDE KWENTO: While Lovely and Jhia were sleeping and I was lying on the bed, lights off, somebody entered the room. I honestly thought it was one of the boys until I half opened my eyes, by instinct I guess, and saw a big, round man. I knew he wasn’t anyone of them so I watched him move and when he was checking on the bags, I said ‘excuse me?’. He seemed to realize naman that he’s on the wrong room, said sorry and immediately ran out. Frightened, I went out to call mister. The man, standing outside our room was very apologetic and said sorry again. I gave the key to mister and locked our room. It left me scared that I couldn’t fall asleep immediately after that, despite feeling tired. Only when they all went inside that I was able to sleep peacefully.

The next day, what could be more wonderful than having your cup of coffee by the beach? Then after breakfast, they went boating to Colibra island while me, mister and Jhia stayed in the resort. Children below two are not allowed to go on island hopping so we just enjoyed the beach.

A while after the morning swim, it’s time for lunch. The boys prepared Inihaw na bangus and pinakbet this time.


After lunch, it’s time for kuya Jess to leave. Sadly, he wasn’t allowed to take a leave from work so he needed to go home early.

groupie with kuya Jess

Jay and Zeus send him to the bus terminal in Alaminos. Me, mister, Jhia and Lovely were left in the resort. We took the chance to have siesta while waiting for the heat of the sun to subside and swim a little more. The little kid woke up at around 5pm, just in time for our afternoon dip. They also came back by then. While we enjoy the beach for the last time (because we need to leave early tomorrow), they rest and played cards inside the room. It was also a perfect time for some little photo shoot with the little kid.

mandatory trial sunset shot
It was sand she put in her mouth to taste! parents were shocked, too!


the little kid trying to make pa-cute while playing in the sand. game din e!
The only family shot we got

Sadly, the camera battery went empty after the last shot so we just enjoyed the beach until it was dark.

For this night, we preferred to skip the cooking and had roasted chicken and liempo they bought when they went outside. Sadly, it’s our last night in Dasol. We will be driving back to Manila the next day. The boys had another drinking session before going to bed while I stayed in the room with the sleeping little kid. Maybe preparing for a long trip the next day, they slept earlier than last night.

*SIDE KWENTO #2: There was a brownout due to a transformer that sparked somewhere outside the resort. It happened twice that night. Thankfully, it was immediately fixed. It remained cold inside the room the little kid remained sleeping.

Monday morning, we all woke up for breakfast at around 7. Then I started packing up our things and cleaned up the utensils we borrowed from the resort because we plan to leave by 10. While I get things done, I let them prepare themselves one by one so we all could finish on time. When we’re all packed up, we settled the bill and had some picture taking, of course, before we finally leave.

groupie by the beach, although hindi masyadong kita yung background because it was a little too bright!

We took a short stop over in the view deck a few kilometers away from the resort and before you reach the high way where you can see everything below. We stopped for some – of course, I wouldn’t miss  this – picture taking.

view deck
mandatory jumpshot from Art’s GoPro
family selfie

The little kid was kind of dizzy from zigzag hence, her face. Then I also forgot to bring her slippers.

SIDE KWENTO #3: I drove from the resort to the view deck. It was both amazing and scary experience. Amazing because I was able to drive on the zigzag. I believe I did it well! Scary because I fear heights and I get a little shaky seeing from my peripheral vision how high we could get. And that small bridge that can only accommodate a single vehicle and leads to a blind curve alarmed me. I almost gave up and switch seats with the mister but hey, I made it! HOHOHO!

Drove back to the road shortly after. We had a quick lunch in a small restaurant along the way in Alaminos then headed home. We accidentally separated ways because we didn’t know they stopped for pasalubong. They followed waze (waste of time again) and exited in Urdaneta while we head back taking the Ramos exit.

We arrived home before 6pm. Jay arrived home a few minutes later, after dropping Zeus in Bocaue and Zander in Malinta.

Indeed, one for the book trip with the engineers. Everybody enjoyed their time off from work and surely worth the leave. hehe. Looking froward to the next and hoping the rest will also join next time.

’til our next adBONtures, loves! ❤

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