So Long..

Woke up to a sad news today: A friend died shortly after giving birth.

Hindi naman talaga kami as in super close but her husband is the mister’s highschool bestfriend. Their wedding, which was last year, was Jhia’s first time to walk in the aisle. For some reason, ang lungkot lang talaga.

She just celebrated her birthday last week, kasabay ng first wedding anniversary nila. Last Sunday was her first mother’s day. Who would’ve known that it would be the last?

I didn’t know the whole story. All I get to understand was that she was able to give birth via Normal delivery. Ang bilis lang daw – something related to uterus and then she was in a state of shock until nag-flatline na. Ewan ko, hindi rin ako makapaniwala.

Paano si baby? Paano din si Chub? How is he going to raise the baby alone? I mean, paano sila magsisimula without Donna? Nakikisip lang ako pero nahihirapan na ako. What more sila? Hindi ko alam pero ang dami ko ding tanong.

Haaay. Hindi talaga natin masabi kung hanggang saan ang buhay natin. It’s true that when you give birth, yung isang paa mo nasa hukay. And no matter how smooth your pregnancy journey was, hindi mo parin masabi e no biglang may complications pala while or after the delivery. I pray that the baby survives. Nasa NICU pa daw and under treatment for a possible infection.

Donna and Chub are both a good person. Ninong ni Jela si Chub. That was the last time we saw them – nung binyag. Tuwang tuwa pa si Donna non kay Jela na kinarga niya talaga. I’m sure she’ll be watching over Chub and the baby of course. Grabe my mommy heart. Haaaaay.

Parenting is an exciting journey lalo na on the first time you become a parent. Pero paano pag ganitong case ano? Hindi ko alam paano nila masusurvive ito pero I know that their faith in God will never cease. And that Donna will always be their angel.

Lord, kayo lang po ang nakakaalam. Bless the soul of Donna and guide Chub as he start this journey with their baby. This must be too hard for them but I’m sure you’re going to be with them. Kayo na po ang bahala.

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