Jela’s First Birthday (Late Kwento)

Thankfully, we were able to celebrate Jela’s birthday before community quarantine was announced. It was a Monday. Came weekend, nag-lockdown na. Her play party, though, was postponed to a later date – baka sa birthday na ni ate.

Nakaplano talaga yon to be an exclusive family dinner para separate sa play party which was supposed to be held in a play house. Hindi kami kasya lahat and not every one will play naman so we decided na magkaroon na lang na separate celebration with the family. Wala na rin namang batang maglalaro, only Zian, Kish and of course, yung mag-ate.

It was simple but fun. Everything was DIY-ed for the first time! We blew up balloons to put all over the house. We bought DIY designs to put on the dining wall. We ordered foods from a local kitchenry while my sister added another menu which she prepared especially for Jela’s birthday.

DIY din yung cake topper

The good thing about it was we saved a lot compared to throwing a party. And since the playhouse party was postponed, wala na kaming ibang babayaran. Although we already paid half of the party fee and sa event designer which were both minimal cost lang naman. Sayang lang na kaya kami nag-decide na mag-playhouse e para maiba naman ang celebration. Anyway, blessing in disguise na din, at least I have more time to save for the party expenses. God really has his ways.

To list, here are our suppliers for her birthday:

  • Foods: Rufina’s Kitchen, Tom’s BBQ
  • Design and Balloons: all from Divi
  • Cake: Conti’s

Jela’s dress was the one she wore last November for a friend’s wedding. Sobrang like ko yun and sayang naman kung once lang magagamit.

First birthday is usually special kasi it marks the child’s first 365 days on earth. Most would throw a big party for their kids kasi why not? Lalo na if you have the budget, di ba? Pero it really doesn’t have to be too expensive and grand. Mas mahalaga na maalala nating ipagpasalamat ang unang taon nila kaysa sa nga engrandeng party.

On the day of her birthday, doon din ata nagsimulang lumobo ang cases ng CoVid-19 sa bansa hence, the quarantine. Nobody ever wanted it. We pray for everyone – affected people, frontliners, and mostly the government.

This is just a late kwento. We all know that it’s hard to celebrate birthdays ngayon kasi yung iba nga mag-isa lang, hindi makauwi sa pamilya. To everyone celebrating your birthdays during thw quarantine, our only prayer is for you to be spending the day safe and virus-free.

Thank you all for your love and prayers for the little star. We now officially have two toddlers. Whew! Wish us luck. Haha, char!

Stay safe ❤️

One thought on “Jela’s First Birthday (Late Kwento)

  1. Conti’s 🥺🥺🥺 Huhu super belated happy birthday kay baby! Agree ako sa hindi need ng garbong party. Ang mahalaga andun ‘yung close people sa life natin 🙂 Pero wala naman akong say sa iba na may mega pa-SDE pa sa 1st bday ng baby. Kung afford naman nila edi okay hahahaha

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