Enhanced Community Quarantine: Dapat Ba Tayong Matakot?

The President has placed the entire Luzon to Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is still in lieu of the rising number of cases of CoVid-19 in the country and upon seeing the effect of the previously announced Community Quarantine. As usual, there’ve been different reactions to this and questions as well. Do we really have to fear being placed in Enhanced Community Quarantine?

First of all, it was declared so because on the 1st workday under Community Quarantine – technically it’s 2nd day of in effect – ang dami pa ding tao sa labas. It’s just like the usual Monday scenario of people going to their respective offices. Ni walang social distancing sa mga commuters lalo na yung nag-aabang ng masasakyan. So para saan nga naman na naka-Community Quarantine tayo kung ganon? But we cannot blame them as well. These are the people who would starve if they don’t report for work. The only thing they wanted is makarating sa trabaho para may sahurin. But they can also acquire the virus before they know it. Haaay.

Enhanced Community Quarantine meaning total lockdown. This time, nobody – not even employees – are allowed to go out. Public transportation is banned. Pwede lang lumabas for basic necessities and emergency situations. And yung talagang kailangan sa trabaho like media people and health workers. Wala ng borders as everyone is ordered to stay at home.

Dapat ba tayong matakot now that we are on total lockdown? For me, NO. This isn’t martial law naman. It was enforeced for our own safety. May mga tao lang kasi na talagang matigas ang ulo na kahit naka under Community Quarantine na tayo e sige pa rin sa paglabas. Para saken – sa akin lang naman – this is just right para hindi na madagdagan pa ang infected patients.

Don’t get me wrong, tinatanong ko din sa sarili ko paano yung daily wage earners na sakto lang ang kinikita? Paano sila mabubuhay in the next days kapag hindi sila nagtrabaho? Paano yung mga pamilyang umaasa sa kanila? I wish employers will have the heart to consider these people. Nobody wanted this to happen, nobody expected this. Lahat ng business ay lugi ngayon. Sana lahat ng employers lalo ng mga construction workers, helpers, ganon, e mabigyan ng tulong ang mga nagtatrabaho para sa kanila.

Going back, no, hindi tayo dapat matakot at mag-panic. It is being implemented for our sake, for our fellowmen. We are not on a martial law, walang rebelyon ngayon, walang gyera. We are still free to so things – except for going out and meeting friends because it’s risky. Do you want to get infected? Sa ngayon kasi, ang hirap tukuyin kung sino o saan. Magugulat ka nalang even when you’re asymptomatic, positive ka pala.

Lahat na tayo ngayon, lugi. Every business – big or small – luging lugi ngayon. Wala namang may gusto nito di ba? Would you rather go out and risk having the virus and die than being lugi now but bangon later? Guys, this is just temporary. We all want this to end so let’s just obey and keep ourselves at home for ours and our family’s safety.

This, too, shall pass. We pray for everyone’s safety lalo na our ever great frontliners, WE SALUTE YOU, guys! Thanks for doing your best! Nabasa ko kay Mariz Umali sa twitter, at this time of pandemic na naka-duty sila, it’s not just work. It’s passion. Sobrang taas ng tingin namin sa inyo, MABUHAY KAYO!

Again, do not panic. Remain calm and stay at home.

And send virtual hugs!

Ps. This is just a personal view.

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