CoVid-19: Paano na When You Have Kids?

Bilang nanay, the least we could imagine is getting the family infected, lalo na kids. We can’t afford seeing them struggle in isolation while we wait for them to be well, can we? Kaya naman ginagawa natin ang lahat para maportektahan sila. Pero ano nga ba ang magagawa natin?

  1. STAY AT HOME. We may be tired of hearing this pero this is the best we can do. STAY. If you ever needed to go out, make sure it’s really important and equip yourself with the disinfectant. As much as possible, avoid close contact and refrain from touching unnecessary surfaces. Just to share with you, me and hubs agreed that when there’s a need to go out, siya lang ang lalabas. Me and the kids will stay at home for our safety. Not that siya na lang yung maexpose sa virus but just being protective of the kids. Kasi kung dalawa kami, sino na lang ang maiiwan sa kanila?
  2. WASH or spray alcohol before or as soon as you enter your house. Lalo na mommies or daddies, when they come home from work, the first thing that kids would do is to give them a hug or a kiss. Ito muna bago ang lahat para maiwasan ang pagtransfer ng kung ano mang na-acquire mo sa labas.
  3. SELF QUARANTINE especially when you came from a place na mayroong positive case or when you thought you’ve encountered a possible infected person.
  4. DON’T LIE and wag in denial. If you feel sick and you think that you are experiencing symptoms of CoVid, please be honest and say it straight to the members of the family and to our health practitioners so they can protect themselves, too.
  5. Stock up on healthy foods but don’t overdo it. Please do not hoard! Isipin din natin yung ibang nangangailangan.

Now is an acceptable time na magpaka-paranoid pero wag naman in exaggeration. We all want to protect our family pero don’t panic as well, it won’t help. Wag din po tayong OA. There are patients who recover. Hindi naman siya death sentence na once tinamaan ka, automatic na mamamatay ka. Hindi naman po ganon. Sabi nga ng DOH, matagal ang recovery but they do.

Most importantly, it may be repetitive but late, I’m still saying anyway. PLEASE DO NOT HOARD. Malaki ang pagkakaiba ng pinoprotektahan ang pamilya sa pagiging selfish. Hoarding is selfishness being greed. Let’s be human.

Sharing also a few reminders from the DOH:

Ps. Please also be careful on what you post and share. Maraming kumakalat na fake news. Please share only those from reliable sources and official pages. Maaring mag-cause ng panic ang fake news na maisheshare mo.

In this time of pandemic, let us be one in cooperation with the government to prevent further spread of the CoVid-19.

Praying for everyone’s safety. ❤️

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