Social Media in times of Crisis

We all know how the use of social media trends nowadays. Who didn’t have an account? I mean, it’s free and easily accessible, lalo na with the free use from line providers. But when is excessive use becomes too much?

Yesterday, the eruption of Taal Volcano started. Most of us learned about it from social media. Pictures started spreading, news updates shared. Maganda yon. It’s one positive use of social media. Pero as it should be a ground for information dissemination and connection to people, it is also becoming a platform for fake news that is raising panic to people. May mga nag-she-share about MOA possible to fall down as its foundation was said to be broken. Another is that Mayon volcano is also on Alert level 2. These two are clearly FAKE NEWS. Marami tuloy ang nababahala tungkol dito. MOA already issued a statement claiming the mall has a strong foundation and it is safe. It is not true that Mayon volcano is on alert level 2 as well. I think it is an outdated news. Bakit may mga taong ganito?

Here’s what you should do if you want to share a post or a link:

  • check the source, is it a credible link?
  • Check the date it was published
  • Be sure to share only from the official page. Not because everyone has it on their timelines doesn’t mean it’s a fact.

Huwag tayong basta basta nag-she-share ng kung ano-ano. You may just want to help but be sure to get your facts right first. Think before you click.

During times of calamity, most people rely on social media for information. Some are waiting for updates, others looking for their relatives. It would be helpful if we only share facts and not fake news. Magtulungan tayo.

Praying for people and animals in Taal and nearby areas. Keep safe, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Social Media in times of Crisis

  1. Sooo true. Daming mga fake news na kumakalat rin and not everyone really verifies it. Lalo na ‘yung mga matatanda syempre ‘di naman nila alam rin paano.

    1. Yung matatanda pa naman they tend to believe everything that is posted even without cconfirmation kung totoo o hindi. Tapos nenerbyusin.

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