Clark, Pampanga: Green Canyon Leisure Farm Resort and Zoocobia

For our anniversary, we decided to go North bound. Traffic has been terrible in the South kaya for a change, sa kabilang side naman tayo.

It’s our first family getaway with Jela. Sadly, both she and Jhia went sick on the day we were booked and we had no choice but to move it to two weeks later. Buti nalang the resort was kind enough to approve our request with no extra fee but the room rate since we were booking on a weekend. Our original booking was a weekday. Akala ko kasi machacharge kami ng cancellation or rebooking fee since we did it via a booking app.


We left Manila a little late thinking it would only take us about an hour or two to Clark. We left at about 11am, had our lunch in Petron Lakeshore then headed straight to the resort. Our itinerary included exploring the resort on day 1 and going to the nearby zoo the next day after check out. We arrived at Green Canyon Leisure Farms at past 2 in the afternoon.

Green Canyon Leisure Farm Resort

When we arrived, we were welcomed by their friendly staff. Lahat sila magiliw from the guard to the front desk to the personnel who were very helpful in carrying our stuff. The place is serene. Pagpasok pa lang ng lobby, ramdam mo na yung relaxing vibes. Malaki yung sakop ng kinatatayuan ng hotel, but it’s not your typical hotel building. Ramdam mo ung nature vibes even when you’re inside.  Or maybe it’s the furnitures and displays kasi they’re made of wood. Sabi nung front desk (a little trivia) those were art made by the son of the resort owner. The materials used were fallen tree branches from Ondoy.

Their rooms are huge. Very neat and inviting sa loob. Yun lang, on the first room that was assigned to us, TV wasn’t working. Even an IT personnel was called but it wasn’t fixed so we were transferred to another room. Yung room na nallipatan namin was a corner room and apparently, it has a nicer view. My favorite part of the room was the CR. Ang ganda ng CR nila! They have toiletries –soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissue rolls and towels – ready for their guests. They also have hot and cold shower.

They also have a strong wifi connection inside the room and in the palette. Not sure in other parts of the resort. They offer bikes if you want to tour around riding and to our surprise, kiddie scooters. These are available for rent if you are on a day tour but free for check-in guests. Cool!


After a few minute rest, we went to check on the amenities outside the hotel area. From there, about 2 minutes walk and you will reach the oval garden. There, you will also find the palette – the restaurant and the anahaw pool. Beside the pool was a staircase going up where you will find a hanging bridge. Sadly, from there, hindi na ko tumuloy. Booo! But mister and Jhia did and they said that on the other side was another pool and the organic farm. Tapos paikot na yun pabalik sa oval. Truly, sa pag-tour palang nakakarelax na. We didn’t experience the pool yet that time kasi Jhia was feeling sleepy already and only wanted back in the room. Lumabas kami saglit to check on a nearest bank pero bumalik din kami for dinner. Sa palette na kami nag-dinner. 

Their menu on the Palette were a bit pricey. But before you say something, let me tell you that the serving was good for 2-3 pax per meal and it’s really delicious! Add to it that the servers show kind gestures and serves with a smile.

For breakfast, they have a buffet that includes coffee hot chocolate, bread and pancakes plus butter and pancake syrup on the side. Pero they still serve rice meals which is free when for check-in guests- you have to choose sa menu nila. We had tocilog and tapsilog. As the mister and I were talking about giving the egg to Jhia for breakfast, we were informed na meron din siyang hotsilog. That’s their breakfast meal for kids. 

After breakfast, it’s time for a quick dip in the pool. Na-convince na si Jhia na mag-swimming while I was waiting for Jela to wake up dahil nakatulog siya. But just when we were there, medyo bad mood na si ate mong Sophia kaya literal na ‘quick dip’ yung ginawa namin. I just had Jela experience the pool. Kung ano’ng enjoy ni bunso, siyang topak ni ate. Hehe. Note: They provide separate towel and floaters na para sa mga mag-si-swimming so no need to bring your own. Maganda yung pagkaka-organize nila sa mga ganito.

Back in the room, we prepared for check out na. Check out time is 11am.


After check out, we headed straight to the zoo since busog pa naman kami and it’s less than 5km away from the resort.

It was a hot noon when we arrived at the zoo. So I thought yun lang and I honestly expected that there are more people inside. I was wrong. I was actually disappointed with what I saw. Sa entrance palang, I was able to enter the premises without anyone seeing me. Walang tao kasi even sa ticket booth. Paikot ikot na ako dun, wala talagang lumalapit o ni nagtatanong man lang. About 15mins siguro nung may lumapit na babae na tinanong pa ako kung bagong dating lang daw ba ako. So anyway, I showed her our tickets and she let us in.


One of the first things you’ll see inside was a slide na siguro parang shortcut papunta sa isang part ng zoo – na instead na maghagdan ka, maybe for fun na din, you can take the slide. Apparently, sobrang makalawang na siya na nabubutas butas na and no one can slide on it. Wala ding guide and we were clueless of where to start or where to go next so we started the tour ourselves. Well, just  to share with you, we’ve been to Zoobic Safari and Paradizoo – their sister zoo – and it was great! So I expected the same experience here. To my surprise, this was a lot different – in fact, worse. Hindi ko talaga alam kung sa kainitan lang ba ng araw but the place feels dry na para bang hindi nababasa ng tubig. Yung mga tao parang underpaid – sorry sa term. Parang ayaw nila magtrabaho. And the animals looked like they’re starving or uneasy. Hindi rin entertaining yung vibes ng zoo, unlike sa Zoobic Safari and Paradizoo na kahit almost closing na nung dumating kami ay may welcoming vibes. I’m really sorry but I’m never going back here. Naawa lang din ako sa mga hayop doon kasi parang gusto ko silang pakainin. Hehe.

Anyway, despite all those negative things that I’ve noticed, tinapos namin yung tour. After lunch time siguro yun, nagsulputan naman yung mga tao dun to somehow guide us. There was a personnel assigned to each part and well, they’re kind enough naman to give instructions kung ano ang gagawin namin sa part na yun like kung magpapakain ba, ganon.

So first, we went to the birds. There was like a small aviary – one thing we did not notice the first time we went to that area. Meron pala nun! – where you can get inside to feed the birds. Only the mister and Jhia went inside. I think it was fun naman for the little kid. Pati ung ostrich pinakain din nila. After non, we went to the part where there were other animals such as monkeys, snakes, bearcats, etc. There was a bearcat na paikot ikot lang that you can feed. We were also given bananas to feed the monkeys. Nag-enjoy si Jhia magpakaen!

Next part was the maze. Truth is, I was a little claustrophobic (little lang as I believe hehe) I asked kuya agad kung makakalabas ba kami dun and he said yes naman. Haha. E di para exciting, sige, nag-go kami! Kinakabahan na talaga ako, sa totoo lang. So on the first walls na wala akong nakitang lusutan, I suggested agad na bumalik nalang kami. Haha. Eh yung asawa ko ayaw magpatinag. Wag daw kami magpatalo, as if competition yun! So we went back and there we made it to the exit! Paglabas pala doon is yung zooc ride na sinasabi nila, which was like a go kart ride pababa naman sa may part ng barn yard. Again, yung mag-daddy lang yung pinapunta ko dun kasi obviously, me and Jela couldn’t take the ride. So I took the stairs. Kaso, ayaw din daw ni Jhia so nilakad lang din nila magdaddy pababa. Medyo malayo din sa Barn Yard. So ayun.


The last part was supposedly the Barnyard. Pero dahil nga nauna na kami dun at nakapagpakain na kami, dinaanan nalang namin. Hehe.

Jhia was already tired from the tour and sleepy na kaya medyo nagtotopak na din siya non. So we decided to exit and leave.

I still wanted to go around Clark a little more. Dadaan pa sana kami sa Duty Free nila don pero mega tantrums na si Jhia so we decided to drive home. Nag-stop over lang kami sa NLEX to eat and to check on the outlet stores before we headed straight home. Nakauwi kami ng around 9pm – maaga pa yun. Hehe. 



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