Hakab Na! 2019

In the celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, the BFP once again hosted the largest breast feeding event in the country, Hakab Na! 2019. Held on August 18 in SMX, it was joined by over 2,000 mothers who breastfed simultaneously to promote and spread awareness about breastfeeding and its benefits to every family, in general.

Last year, we joined with our own tribe – Hakabogeras. Me and my high school friends scouted mommas who wanted to participate but couldn’t form a tribe. Sadly, due to unexpected events, only me, A and Sarah were left for this year. We were joined by Sarah in a tribe under Babymama. It is an online store that caters breastfeeding-related items.

A and Me with our babies

This year was a different story. For some reason, it felt less exciting. We actually arrived late in the venue. The countdown began about five minutes after we were seated beside our tribe mates.  Thankfully, we were able to participate in the main highlight which was the simultaneous breast feeding. After that, we headed to the tribe lunch sponsored by Babymama. They had a small talk about a particular breast pump and raffled one. They also distributed a small loot bag to each participant. Thanks, Babymama!

Babymama Tribes 1 & 2

Babymama Lootbag contents
Hakab Na lootbag contents

A needed to go home immediately after lunch while we roamed around for a little while to check on the booths and grabbed our photo souvenir from the Pinay Doulas Collective booth.

We sent Jhia to the play house then headed home before sunset.

Before going to the event, I told myself that even when we stopped breastfeeding, I would still want to go there. For as long as there will be Hakab, as much as I can, I will be there. Maybe not as a participant but as a volunteer. Breastfeeding is an essential part of my motherhood journey. It made my children healthy. I was able to save a lot. I have a special bonding with my kids. It somehow made life easier for me, at least in this journey. That’s why I am so much grateful for being blessed with the golden liquid. Jhia was breastfed until two and a half years old and I’m hoping to do the same or even longer for Jela.

Don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding also has cons but believe me, it’s all worth it! So let’s not focus on it.

I wish we were able to impart the message through Hakab Na! 2019 – that breastmilk has a lot of benefits not only for the mother and child, but for the whole community, as well.

Breastmilk is best for babies up to two years of age.

Looking forward to next year. I hope to bring more new mom friends along! See yah!

Oh, and Happy Breastfeeding Month! 😉


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