Birthday Surprise

Just when I thought it’s just going to be an ordinary day, it turned out one of the best days ever.

June 29, 2019 – It was a rainy day. We were supposed to go to the mall to get the print outs from last week’s photo shoot. Pero dahil nga umuulan, talaga namang tinatamad akong umalis. I was also thinking of the kids – kasi baka magkasakit sila so better stay at home where they’d be safe from catching common colds or something.

Timing naman that I needed to get the remittance from Migs so I had no choice but go to the hypermarket.

So ayun. Apparently, the kids are setting up a surprise for me at home. Kaya naman pala pilit akong pinapaalis.

Although I knew they’re coming, nasurprise padin ako when they welcomed me holding a cake singing, a happy birthday song. Suuuurpraaaayyyssss!

All-in! Balloons everywhere, may pa-keme pa on the wall, AT! Litaw ang age ko ha. (Perfect na sana kung wala yung 31. Charot!) there was spag, carbonara, chicken. Typical birthday kulang nalang party hat at hotdog na tinusok sa repolyo!

I was speechless! It was pure happiness! For the first time ever in my life, honestly, I feel so much appreciated. Ang sarap pala ng feeling ng ganon.


Growing up, all I ever wanted was to be a good example to them, my pamangkins. Well, I thought it’s what will make my parents and siblings proud. Thankfully, malayo na ang narating ng nga batang ito and I’m just one proud tita for all of their achievements in life.

Wait, ang drama na.

Going back, I never really imagined it would happen. I mean, no big deal, pero ang sarap lang kasi ma-surprise din minsan.

Unending gratitude to the whole gang for their effort in making the day extra special. Wala, I felt nothing but nag-uumapaw na love from them.

So there. Last year ko na daw sa kalendaryo. Di bale na. Meron pa namang lotto. Sana maabot ko din yung last number sa lotto.

At pwede bang mag-wish? Sana may surprise ako ulit non. Hehe.


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