The #LittleStar is Born

As scheduled, I gave birth to Jela via repeat CS Delivery on the 9th of March. I am now officially a mom of two.

Saktong 12mn, tumawag sakin si OB. She asked if we can go to the hospital at that time. She was attending to another patient at isusunod niya na sana ako anytime they finished instead of waiting for the morning before we go through the operation. Excited and kabado at the same time, I said yes and prepared for a few  minutes then headed to the hospital with my sister and Chay, my niece. I honestly thought I’d still have time to prepare sa room pero direct to OR pala ang instruction ni doc. So after sa admission, hinatid na ako nila mister sa OR.

I stayed in the recovery room while waiting for my OB. I was inserted an IV and a resident OB performed IE on me. 2cm! Didn’t see that coming! Since CS ako, dapat hindi ako mag-labor. Hours went by with me lying down on the recovery room bed, listening to two other mothers who just gave birth, waiting for the anesthesiologist and my OB. Naka-ilang balik din ako sa restroom para mag-CR. I was there at almost 2am.

At past 5am, I was finally brought to the OR. Dumating na daw ang anes and OB’s on her way. Kinabitan ako ng iba’t-ibang aparato while anes was explaining what she was going to do. Few minutes later, the anesthesia was taking effect already  until I passed out, hindi ko na alam ano’ng nangyari. Nung  nagkamalay ako, baby’s out. I could hear her loud cry beside me. After non, passed out na ulit ako. When I gained consciousness, I was in the recovery room.

Baby’s out at 6:02am

Naramdaman kong dinala sa akin si baby while I was in the recovery room to latch. I could feel her with loud cries in between. I was too dizzy that time to open my eyes. A few more times pa na gising, tulog, suka before I was brought to my room. I think it was around past 12nn to 1pm nung finally, naiakyat na ako sa room, kasabay si baby.

Ma. Jiliana Stella. Or simply, Jela. She weighed 3.21kg – few grams heavier than Jhia. She cries just as loud as Jhia, though, when she was born. Pero si Jela, mas mahaba matulog.


We were sent home after three days.

Hindi na ako bago sa parenting but being a mom of two, I’m still trying to figure things out. I’m back to sleepless nights, frequent diaper change and unli latch sessions. Good thing Jela is not as fussy as Jhia when she was a newborn.

And Thank heavens for a supportive husband and an equally excited first-born. For now, mommy duties muna ako. ❤


2 thoughts on “The #LittleStar is Born

  1. Congratulations!!!! ❤ Nakakatuwa naman mabasa na sobrang swabe lang ng panganganak mo. 🙂 Super cute ni baby Jela sa picture. Wishing you the best!!

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