The #GraLan Twins Need Your Help

Helping a friend.

Knocking on your kind hearts to spare some time to read, pray for and donate however little monetary assistance to help the Leycano couple bring their twins home.


Hello. I am Allan Christopher Leycano, father to two beautiful baby girls, Pia and Paz. I am here seeking assistance for my twins and help them come home.

Last January 15, 2019, my wife, Ma.Gracita Dumlao Leycano, gave birth to two very brave girls at Capitol Medical Center, prematurely at only 31 weeks (about 7 months). This was made more difficult by the fact that my wife already went through a lot during her pregnancy. She was hospitalized and confined for weeks last November. She’s not even allowed to stand nor sit during this period. She suffered bleedings because of diagnosed short cervix at 24 weeks. The threat of miscarriage was unbearable to even think of, but was a possibility. To prevent this, her doctors performed cervical cerclage on my wife. A procedure to help minimize the risk of prematurely giving birth, which the babies will not survive in at the time. The hospitalization and operation was very costly, but with the help of our family and some friends, we were able to manage somehow.

The following month was not easier for us. We had to temporarily stay with my brother in law just so we can be close enough to the hospital just in case any kind of emergencies pop up. We were at standby mode the whole time, praying and hoping for the best.

January 10,2019, I was startled one morning to find my wife bleeding profusely on her bed. I immediately called an ambulance and we rushed her to the hospital. There, the doctors’ fears were realized. the babies are prematurely coming. All they could do at the time was to delay the rupture of her cerclage, and again, hope and pray the babies stay in her womb a bit longer to increase the chances their survival. But come 15th of January, Ging started bleeding again, and we just knew that the twins are here, whether we are ready or not. She was rushed to the delivery room and gave birth via c-section to two premature baby girls.

It was at this point that the term “mixed emotions” is truly an understatement. I should be the happiest man on Earth at that moment, but fear and the sense of helplessness was in every corner of that hallway.

Hours passed and there they are, inside their own separate incubators. With tubes and other stuff to help them cope up in their new environment. Very small and barely breathing, my two brave girls are alive and fighting, as if telling me “You may think we’re not ready dad, but we are. Don’t worry.”

Day by day they started growing, still inside their incubators. Slowly, but at times, not smoothly, they improve. Every gram they gain is an achievement. Every tube removed, a milestone. Just days old and they’re already making me proud.

6 weeks in and finally, my girls are ready to go home.

But reality hit us like an out of control truck on a downhill freeway. Most of our resources was depleted by our previous medical obligations. We have so little left and the bills are far greater than we could ever be ready for. I had to take care of Ging for most of the past 3 months she was bedridden, and my job and income took a hit. We don’t know what to do anymore but to ask for help…

My girls are ready, please help me get them home.

Thank you.

You may click here for your donations.

Or you may also send through their bank accounts:

Metrobank Ma. Gracita Dumlao 423-3-423-07647-0
BPI Allan Leycano 4019071192

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Kindly share the link, too, to reach out for more generous hearts.

Thank you so much and God bless.

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