Kapitbahay 2.0

I must say that the relationship we had in the kapitbahay group is not about just merely chismisan anymore. The friendship had grown stronger no matter how many miles we have in between.

On Saturday, we met again for another round of real life kwentuhan over ramen and milk tea. What supposed to be a lunch date turned up dinner to mall closing but who cares? Natuloy din ang ramen! 😉

There were Mikay, Mak, A with the kids, Jas and Aila.

Ramen, finally!
Groupie! *photo grabbed from GC
Take 2 *photo grabbed from GC

Our friendship started in a gc – sa simpleng pagpasched sa OB. Ngayon, ang layo na ng narating ng mga pinaguusapan namin. I often feel alone kasi I feel like all my friends are busy with their work and personal life. Eto yung mga tao na palaging handang sumagot sa kahit na anong bagay lalo na during anxiety attacks. Siguro, it helped na all woman kami kaya we can talk about anything under the sun.

Siguro, kahit gano kaaga kami mag-start, kulang talaga ang oras when you’re having fun, no? Well, ang importante is that the friendship doesn’t end there. To more chikahan with you, mamshies!

L – R: Mikay, Mak, Aila, Jhia, Jhem, Jas and A



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