Week 30: 3D Scan

We hit the 30-week mark as the year begun. There’s only a few weeks left before the baby arrives. Time flies so fast!

Anyway, our first OB check up this year was good except that I was having colds that time that was going on for two weeks then so she advised me to take a preggo-safe antibiotics. The baby was doing well, however, with good heart rate. I was also given a request for an ultrasound – a 3D scan this time.

We had the 3D Scan in Face2Face located at SM North The Block. Thankfully, the little heartbeat was cooperative enough that we were able to take wonderful pictures of her. Plus she shown her gender already and confirmed, she’s a GIRL! Another Maria! ❤ She looks just like Jhia.


Speaking of the little kid, she was so delighted to see her sister. She kept on saying ‘wow, mukha baby!’ the entire time we were checking on baby #2. Up to this day, she was telling people about the ultrasound: ‘kuya, kita Jhia mukha baby ko’. This kid is so adorable! She always seems excited about the arrival of her little sister. I wish she’d remain that way.

As of scan time, baby weighs approximately 1.6kg and is just right for her fetal age which is 31 weeks. Yay!

Still can’t over. The next thing we have to prepare are her things and the royal name! We’re still thinking of a name that starts with J and S, so they’ll have the same initials. You’re suggestions are always welcome. We only have a few weeks left, after all. Hmm. ❤

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