2018: Family is Love

Sabi nila, kapag may nawala, mayroon itong kapalit.

2018 is all about family – celebrations, random get togethers, surprise visits from my pamangkins. It’s never easy to cope up with the loss of my late father, it has never been. But with the kids – mama and papa’s grandchildren – it became a little less heavier, maybe at least for mom.

We begin with a spontaneous road trip with them kids.

To Manaoag

January – we went on a biglaang road trip to Manaoag.

We never went on a trip again pero madalas kaming kumaen sa labas to celebrate family occasions. We used to have celebrations at home since si papa masipag magluto. He loved preparing specialties for the family. Nung nawala siya, wala na din masipag magluto. Hehe.

August 25, 2018

Celebration of Mama and Papa’s wedding anniversary. It was mama’s request na kumaen sa Aristocrat. Good thing they have their branch in Malolos – walang traffic at konti lang ang kumakaen.

feb umuwi si kuya
Team Duran

Feb – nagbakasyon sila kuya from UAE. They requested na dumalaw sa sememteryo kay Papa.

july bday ni jhia
Happy birthday, Jhia!

Jhia’s birthday. Present ang mga apo ni Mang Pilo (na pinsan ni Jhia) 😀

july despedida ni kuya
Kuya’s Despedida

July din – second uwi nila Kuya. Before they went back to UAE, kumaen kami sa Ningnangan as their pa-despedida.

mama bday
Happy birthday, Mama!

For mama’s birthday, we went to Sangkap, a resto managed by our cousin Chef Raymar. Unfortunately, he was on the other branch that day.


Remembering his birthday, we went to the cemetery then on a ramen date since it was raining. After dinner, nag-overnight and mga bata sa bahay as their way of celebrating Papa’s birthday.

There were also those random surprise visits from the kids na walang picture as they were here to have cousins bonding over foods and drinks hehe. Yung iba nasa IG Stories nila. Haha.

There’s also our extended family na present din in every occasion. I’m talking about my in-laws.

Duran x Bon

For my birthday, I invited them over for dinner para masaya kasi the more, the merrier!

This year, we had random gala where we tagged mama along. That way, nalilibang din siya.

This 2018 was indeed the hardest year to celebrate occasions but with these people around, we forget about how heavy it has been even if it’s just temporary. For this year, the main highlight is family. ❤

Looking forward to another year of family gatherings with or without occasion.

I know Papa up there is happy to see us all together. We love you, Pa. These are all for you. ❤




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