Week 25: CAS and Gender Reveal

At last!

I’ve been looking forward to this next ultrasound since I entered the second semester of pregnancy because 1) I’m nervous there might be something with the little heartbeat and 2) excited to know the gender.  Hehe.

Last Tuesday I finally had my Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS). Unfortunately, the little kid wasn’t allowed inside the ultrasound room so she stayed with the mister outside. The OB Sono scanned my tummy for a few minutes before explaining to me. Everything about the baby is normal, except that she’s in frank breech position.

*photo ctto

Frank Breech position is when the baby’s buttocks are aimed at the birth canal with its legs sticking straight up in front of his or her body and the feet near the head. Although regardless of the position, we’d still be undergoing a repeat Cesarean section, I still wish she’d turn to a normal position before it’s time to say hello to the world. Everything else – face, arms, legs, heart beat – is normal. Thank you, Lord!

Noted on the result, baby’s gender is ‘probably female‘. Not sure, but maybe because of her position that we cannot be a hundred percent sure about her gender. Unlike last time with Jhia, it was noted that the gender was ‘female’. Although the Sono said it was less likely to be a male since ‘walang lawit‘. Well, whatever, our only prayer is that she remain healthy until it’s time to come out.

So, there. We’re more than half way through this pregnancy and about less than 15 weeks #BeforeTheBaby. Pray for us! ❤


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