Trick or Treat 2018 Part 2

After that Trick or Treat in Daddy’s office, I registered the little kid for another event in Kidzoona. I tagged along Zian and Keisha, too. The more, the merrier. I reused Jhia’s Snow White costume while Zian was in his Captain America suit. Keisha did not join the costume contest but was there to play along with them.


It was actually a Halloween Costume Event in Kidzoona.


Only Jhia and Zian were able to participate in the main event since Kish wasn’t in costume but she’s their no. 1 supporter. So were me and the mister.


Truth is, I was kind of surprised the little kid walked in front confidently holding her basket as props with apples in it. We got those toy apples from the dry market section in the same playhouse. Lols. Daddy was the one who spoke for her while Zian also introduced himself. Proud mom and tita here! I was the paparazzi, of course!

After being introduced one by one and while the judges were computing the scores, the kids got the chance to dance along with Lala Chan, Kidzoona’s mascot. Each one was also given a chance to take a picture while the judges recall their costumes.

I honestly did not see that ‘2’ in the consolation prize and thought that everybody else will receive such that’s why I joined the kids without the aim to win the contest. In short, we did not receive any free voucher. Anyway, that’s no big deal for us. My main goal is for the kids to enjoy – which they did!

They savor our remaining time playing around. They went to the ball pool, climbed the spider web and jumped energetically in the inflated trampoline. They really had so much fun!

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After playtime, we ate at Shakey’s. While dining, the little kid wasn’t able to contain her sleepiness and doze off immediately while sitting beside Chay.

We roamed around a little more before finally heading home.

It’s indeed one fun day with the kids. Next year, we’ll have one more kid to bring with us. Jusko, apat na sila?! But no worries as long as I can see that they’re having fun. Kish and Zian are both an only child while I want Jhia to learn to socialize so I bring them out all together as often as I could. Tita duties it is. I wish I can still take them out on a play when baby no. 2 arrive.



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