Trick or Treat 2018

For this year, daddy’s office brought the princesses together and we’re glad our little kid was invited to what seemed to be a grand reunion.



This year’s theme was Marvel heroes and Enchanted princesses kaya naman mommy immediately looked for the perfect costume for the little kid. Initially, I was eyeing for Princess Sarah. I even prepared her bangs for it. Bahaha. But when they announced the theme, I changed my mind and opted for a Disney character instead since it’s her current collection, too. She loves the princesses so much she knew them all at the age of two!

I chose Snow White para career from head to toe. No need for extra props like hair wig and make up. I’m afraid she’d get irritated with the wig while her face is still sensitive for a make up. Ayun.

Achieved naman, diba?

We arrived at 2pm at daddy’s office which was in BGC. I honestly thought we were late already just like last year since he said that registration is at 1pm. Good thing they divided the kids by batch pala and then by group per batch. Good job for their team, it’s more organized this year compared to last year’s Trick or Treat.

When we were asked to line up, we had someone who played Belle as our guide. The little kid was undeniably excited. She didn’t even wanted Belle out of her sight! (Belle is her most favorite princess). Our first stop was a popcorn station on the 16th floor. When the kids were settled, we walk through the whole floor for their baskets to be filled with treats. Our last station for that floor was the design your own cupcake.


Jhia was so happy to see the princesses. She could name them one by one. After the cupcake desgining, we went back to the 24th floor for more goodies and for the main highlight of the event: the magic show.


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Each kid was given a box of happy meal upon entry to the magic show. It was only a few-minute show – only three or four tricks were done. What we’re actually looking forward to was the bubble show but it seemed to be just a display at one corner. Hehe. Hindi ko alam kung ubos na ba yung pang bubble o talagang sabay sila ni magic show but that would be confusing for the kids on what to watch. And we’re on the other side kaya mas naka focus kami sa magic show. Huhu. We were supposed to walk around the 10th floor but the mister went hungry and tired so we just went back to their room to eat and rest. After all, we’ve had so much treats already and that’s enough for our little princess.

Nakakapagod! But it’s all worth the pagod when you see how much your daughter enjoyed the day. She was still worrying about Belle being nowhere around when we went down. She really likes her soooooo much.

Before we headed home, we had a dinner with the mister’s office mates. Jhia found a new friend, Hailey, who she played with the entire time we were eating. As usual, sepanx is real when it was time for goodbye.


Jhia was knocked out when we reached home.

It’s always fun to see little kids dressed up for some costume party. But I never realized – not until now – how exciting it was to be the one to prepare for your kid. I have to admit I’ve been preparing for this since two months ago! Competitive e! Haha. When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a princess. Maybe that’s why I am blessed with a baby girl – so I can fulfill my dream somehow and raise a little princess. Chos!

I’m still looking forward to making her a Princess Sarah. I’ve also mentioned this last year. Let’s see if next year’s our chance. Haha.

By the way, special thanks to sir Sandy and miss Liza of Mickylamae Gowns for the Snow White dress and our ever beloved hairbow maker, Hija Hairbow for the Snow White softband. ❤


Happy trick or treat! I hope you’ve got great treats, too! 😉


adBONtures ❤


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