Weekend Road Trip: Sinagtala


Since the Famarin couple went home for a short vacay, the rest of the barkada decided to go on a road trip. The original plan was a day trip in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. But then, we found Sinagtala which was less expensive. We booked a room there through Agoda.

There were Mayaine and Lawrence, Jay and Lovely, Art, Me and mister and Jhia, and Zeus and Mariel.

They left Valenzuela at around 8 in the morning while we waited for Art and was able to leave at around 9am. We all met in Petron Lakeshore for breaskfast.

*Photo grabbed from the group chat

We left the Lakeshore at 11am and arrived at the resort at past 1pm. 

The place was nice with a refreshing vibe. It was a huge property and there are different entry points for each accommodation. We rented a room good for 8 people in the Duyan Villa.

Our room

View from our room

Everyone was tired from the trip that the first thing we did was put down our bags and find our own beds. Only the little kid has so much energy to play around the room. She enjoyed jumping from one bed to another. Hehe.

After a few minutes, I ask the mister to find a grocery or supermarket so we can buy a few stuffs and stock on a few snacks. I was getting a little hungry that time, too, and wanted to look for something to eat. Mayaine and Lawrence went with us. We found a Chowking and took our very late lunch there before entering the grocery store.

When we went back to the resort, it was almost dark. We let the rest eat first. None of us had a decent lunch other than Chowking hehe. When they finished, we went to enjoy the infinity pool.

Infinity Pool at night



Jhia went cold from the evening dip so we went back to the room first and washed up. The rest followed after a little while.

There was no television in our room neither cellphone signal so to let time pass, the boys had a drinking session while playing cards while I played with the little kid as I waited for her to sleep. She finally went off at 12mn.

The next day, I woke up to a rainy dawn. I was about to get up at 5am to take a picture of the break of dawn but the little kid asked for dede. I went sleepy while nursing her and got stuck to bed.

View from our room at around 6am.

Everybody was up at around 8am. After a little washing, we went to the reception area for breakfast. It was a buffet style with fried egg, hotdog, longganisa, corned beef and rice on the menu. Did I mention coffee? Their coffee was great!

While waiting for everyone to finish, Jhia and I went to the playground. The slide was a little dirty from the remains of sand and drops of rain that morning so the she just enjoyed the swing and the playhouse.

After breakfast we all went back to the room and prepared for check out. But before we finally leave, of course, time for pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.” Indeed, never was a dull moment with these people. It feels good to be reunited with our balikbayan couple friend, too. Here’s to more road trips with these guys!



*SINAGTALA is a farm resort packed with adventures that you and your family and friends can enjoy. It offers a relaxing vibe that brings you close to nature. It is located in Orani, Bataan. For more info, click here.


Oops, baby bump showing

’til our next adBONture! ❤

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