The Sunshine Blogger Award

To my surprise, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much Mark Anthony of Mark Anthony’s Blog. (His new site here)



Rules :

• Tell ten facts about you, can be funny or what.

Ten Random Facts:

Actually, I’ve mentioned random facts about me before but for fun lang, I’ll be mentioning another round of ten random facts. Hehe.

  • I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant.
  • Malikot ako matulog. I love sleeping ng nakadapa. It’s one thing I see in my daughter. Hehe.
  • My special skill is to roll my eyes to strangers or something I heard that I didn’t like. My daughter seem to get it, too.
  • Tahimik talaga akong tao. Maingay/madaldal lang ako once I get comfortable with you.
  • I can’t directly say what I feel or whatever bothers me. Problema ko yan. Even if you ask me what’s wrong, I can’t really tell what I’m going through. But I can write about it.
  • I love ketchup. I can eat kanin and ketchup alone. hehe.
  • I love staycations.
  • I’m good with Math and English but am honestly poor in History.
  • I can’t sleep without socks on.
  • I have a collection of random blue-colored items and different pens.


Answer this ten random questions :

1. What inspired you to have your blog?
The people I meet along the way and the experiences I had.

2. Who’s your idol in singing and what’s this song of him/her that makes you cry?
No one in particular. But the song PAALAM KAHAPON by Ebe Dencel always makes me cry. And also two songs from Kyla – Beautiful Days and If the Feeling Is Gone. I’ll say Goodbye by Expose.

3. Fave place in the world and why?
By the beach. It refreshes my soul. (Naks.)

3. Best goal/s in life.
To be a good wife to my husband and to be a good mom to my kids.

4. Something that you already fulfilled?
Getting a degree and having my own family.

5. What’s the best thing that blogging can give you?
Gumagaan yung loob ko kasi nalalabas ko whatever I wanted to say.

6. If there’s someone you’ll be most thankful to, who would it be (except for God)? Why?
My family and the mister – for their unconditional love for me.

7. English or Mathematics ?

8. Forgive and forget or hate and avenge ? Where are you?
Forgive and forget.

9. Have you ever denied yourself only for other people? Tell us a story. 🙂
Many times. Which one do you want me to start with?

10. How does it feel being awarded by this? Explain.
Honestly, hindi ko alam. Hehe. Overwhelmed siguro.


• Nominate other bloggers as many as you can and as you want.

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