TENniversary: Manila Ocean Park and a Mini Staycation

Since our Cebu trip was cancelled, we decided to use our voucher for Manila Ocean Park instead. It was supposed to be for Jhia’s birthday but since there was a typhoon then, we went to Kidzoona instead. Unfortunately, there were kids who were having their field trip so ang damiiiiing tao! We thought it will be just like a family day because it was a Sunday but to our surprise, may nagfifield trip din pala ng weekends. So it was a little crowded inside. Nevertheless, the little kid enjoyed and was amazed at everything she saw! We had tickets for the Oceanarium, the Barnyard, Birdhouse, Sea Lion Show and Symphony Evening Show.

We first entered the Oceanarium where we saw different kinds of fishes.


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After the Oceanarium, we piled up for the Sea Lion Show.

While waiting for the Sea Lion Show

She was stunned by the Sea Lion Show. I think it’s what she enjoyed the most. She couldn’t help but clap and laugh and scream in happiness watching the sea lions. I enjoyed watching her more than the performers, to be honest. Priceless moment!


The sea lion show was about 15-minutes. It shows the skills a seal can do. After the show, we entered the Barnyard and continued to the Birdhouse where we fed some birds.



We didn’t watch the Symphony Evening Show since it’s only past 4pm and we’re getting exhausted and hungry. The show was supposed to be at 6:30 pm. Instead, we went straight to the condo where we will spend the night to check in. We took a rest while waiting for the fireworks display in MOA. Our unit was facing the seaside so we have a good view of the sunset and the firework display. Apparently, fireworks display only happens on Saturdays. Fail! However, we were able to catch the last few minutes of the sunset.


When we realized that we’re waiting for nothing, we headed to find a dinner place. We went to the seaside dampa in Macapagal Avenue.


We had dinner at Aling Tonya’s. We ordered grilled squid, buttered garlic shrimp and ensaladang talong. Cebu was cancelled but through MOP and our seafood dinner, it kind of felt like we’ve gone out of town, too. The little girl was starving here hence, the Ninoy Aquino pose. Ang tagal daw kasi i-serve yung pagkaen!

Going back to our room, we passed by the pool area. Jhia keep on telling us that she wanted to swim so the next day, we gave in to her wish – morning dip.



The little kid loves to dip in the water. Literal na dip lang, hanggang diyan lang siya. Hehe. We went back to our room shortly after their morning swim then prepared for check out. It was a nice stay at the Sea Residences.

We had lunch at the nearby mall – MOA. Then we let Jhia play in the playhouse. We drove home at around 5 in the afternoon.

Nakakapagod! But our hearts are extremely joyful seeing how the little kid enjoyed her mini field trip. I’ve always wanted to bring her to places and appreciate what the world has to offer. We went home with toys for her. Anniversary niya e!

When you have a family, it’s never about me-time or us-time. Since we had Jhia, every occasion has become baby’s day out. I used to feel excited for every long weekend because I see it as a chance for a short relaxation time for me. Now I see it as a day to bring the little kid out and let her explore the world. Sulit naman hearing her wows and yeys.

Next year, we have two kids to tag along. Oh my! But I’m also looking forward to finally seeing Jhia with a playmate. At least, she’ll get to enjoy more when she has someone to play with. Exciting! ❤

*Our Manila Ocean Park was purchased through Metrodeal. Check their offer here.

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