Something New

Because I was so used to chatting to one person. Charot!!

I was never that person who would attend meet ups. I didn’t get through clans and EBs. I’m sort of an introvert when in comes to a large group of people. I’d rather stay with the people I know. Well, not that I’m not open to meeting new people. It’s just not in the way that I’ll introduce myself in a large group. Big no no!

But it’s never too late to try something new.

Last Friday, a small meet up with the TFIOB group was set. It was actually A who initiated. She said so I can finally meet them. Truth is, I was a little hesitant at first. As I was excited meeting new people during this time when I’m locked up in the four corners of our home, something in me was holding back. It’s as if I lost all the courage to face new people.

Reading their messages, I was convinced to show up after a few people agreed. I was  trying to convince the mister to drive me to the venue while watching the weather since there was a typhoon. Thankfully, it did not rain and we were able to get there.




Before I arrived, there were Mak, Ely and Mikay waiting for us. A little while later, Jas arrived. And then A with Dhrei, Alden and Yang. Then James followed and lastly, kuya Keso. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel different. It, in fact, feels like I’ve known them forever. They were like old friends I’m about to reunite with. We filled the air with endless laugh and random stories.




I was happy I didn’t say no. And I’m glad to have met new friends – something I didn’t get to do for the past two years of my life.

L-R: James, A with Yang, Mak, Ely, kuya Keso, Jas, Mikay and Me; Bagets in front: Jhia (on stroller), Alden and Adrhei

*photos grabbed from the TFIOB GC


When I lost my father, I got locked up in our home. I seem to forget having a life as my own self. I focused on the family and the chores I needed to finish. I was too busy trying to suppress my grieving and lost myself in the process. This is indeed the first time after a long time that I tried something new again. These people I just met – we’re all going through a storm. We have our own stories of failure and pain. I remember one of them saying that our meeting wasn’t accidental. Was it? 

Life has so much surprises for each and everyone of us. We just have to open our eyes and try to look the other way around, at times. Thank you Lord for using these people as an instrument to remind me to keep moving forward and enjoy what life has to offer. I’m starting to pick up the broken pieces and try to glue them together.

I’m grateful to have met these people as my new support team – the new family I belong to. ❤

PS. Missing Rhea and Lhory and others and looking forward to meeting them personally, as well, soon!

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