Pregnancy Stories

February 2015
I was supposed to have my monthly period on the third week of February so I was waiting. But since we had a scheduled trip in Caramoan, I was also praying to have it later so I could enjoy the beach. Granted, it did not arrive. I knew, though, that it’s coming on the next days. Two weeks have passed, I’m still waiting. I was having cramps then but no red alert was happening. So I thought to myself that it’s either I was sick or pregnant. With all my might, I dragged myself secretly to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test kit. Ran to the restroom, took the test and three minutes later, there were two lines. Positive! I hurriedly called the mister and I could hear his excitement on the other line.

The next day, we consulted an OB. We were advised to have an ultrasound so we did that same day. It wasn’t at all exciting though when the sonologist told us that the gestational sac was still too small and that no heartbeat was detected yet. We were advised to have another ultrasound two weeks later to check for the heartbeat.

Unfortunately, exactly a week after we found out about the pregnancy, we lost the baby. Tuesday morning, I saw drops of blood in my underwear. I thought it was normal to pregnant women. I tried reading articles online about it and some leads said that it was normal. I was able to go to the bank to get my updated debit card that day. While I was waiting, I felt an uncomfortable pain in my lower abdomen. It got more and more painful every few minutes so I decided to rush myself to the nearest hospital. I got myself an OB and waited until she finished her rounds. While the mister was already in the office that time but then quickly arrived in the hospital. The OB immediately checked on me and said that I was already bleeding and that I needed to be admitted. Threatened abortion – that’s the only thing clear to me above all her words.

Dextrose was inserted and I was advised for a complete bed rest. Unfortunately, just after a few hours lying down I felt something came out from down there. I screamed in fear while the mister called for the nurses. A little while later, the OB came and confirmed that it was the baby. Things were fast. Next thing I knew, I was up for a Dilation and Curretage (D&C) procedure to clear my uterus. It was heartbreaking. Losing the baby in your womb is just depressing.


November 2015
Me and my high school friends were talking about pregnancy because a friend of us surprisingly announced that she was pregnant. I have to admit that I was a little jealous because we’ve been trying to have a baby after the miscarriage. We were talking about the signs. I didn’t realize then that I was missing my period.

The next day I went to the office, I went to the cafeteria to buy a bottle of water. To my surprise, I suddenly hated the place. I went back to my place crying because of the foul smell in the cafeteria (which was actually the aroma of the food that was being cooked) and swore to never go back there again. I told my friends about it because I was really disappointed. Then they started speculating that it may be a sign and urged me to buy a pregnancy test kit. At lunch time, my and my office friends Kevin and Chels went to Megamall to eat. My stomach felt a little upset and I only ordered for a bowl of ramen. After eating, I ran to Watsons to buy the kit and immediately tested myself upon going back to the office. Two lines. Thank you Lord! I immediately called my husband about it and just like last time, I could feel his excitement. We went for a check up the next day and confirmed that I was about 5 weeks pregnant then.

We were more cautious this time because of the trauma we experience from the miscarriage. I was forced to quit my job for I was experiencing cramps again. I was on bed rest for the first trimester but glad I was able to get over it. My pregnancy went smooth for the months that followed.

I gave birth on July 9, 2016 to a 3 kg baby girl via CS.


July 2018
I couldn’t forget about it. I went through an ultrasound on the 28th of June to check on my myoma and saw my OB on the 30th. She even joked that I should not have a contact with the mister if I don’t want to get pregnant because I the utz showed that I was fertile. I was expecting my period on 9th or 11th of July.

Three weeks have passed, I noticed the red flag is still missing. I was confident of not being pregnant because of my recent ultrasound but it’s been three long weeks. I told my mommy friends and the mister about it and they advised me to take the test. I nervously took their advise and voila! FAINT LINE! I took two more tests and got the same result. A faint line means that there are two lines but one isn’t clear. However, it’s also positive.

Surprised, it was a mixed emotion for me and the mister. It got me emotional thinking that the little kid won’t be our only baby for a long time. At the same time it was exciting that she’ll have a playmate soon.

As of writing, I’m on my 13th week of pregnancy. Everything’s going well except for some lihi struggles which I didn’t experience in my previous pregnancies. I’m due to give birth on March next year.

From family of three to soon to be parents of two. Sure it won’t be easy but what more could we ask for? Thank you Lord for the blessing of life. ❤

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