Heaven Gained Another Angel

Today, another angel was sent to heaven by the name of Andrei Theon.

Theon is the son of Abi, pamangkin ko sa pinsan. So he’s my grandson by blood. I met him for the first time during Papa’s wake. A very jolly baby at about six months that time. Who would thought that he’d be gone too soon?

Life is short, they say. He was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor- a type of cancer in the kidney most commonly to children – at the age of one. He survived an operation last month to remove a mass in his kidney. Apparently, it was discovered to be malignant. They were advised to undergo chemotherapy sessions. Just this week, he was confined due to pneumonia. As he was getting better, he was prepared for her chemotherapy session to prevent further complications. His young body reacted to the medicine and didn’t make it. He passed away early today.

I don’t get to see him everyday but he’s very close to my heart. I did my best to find a blood donor for him when I learned about his condition. Everyday, I pray for him to get better and hoping he would survive. But maybe, God has other plans for him.

Mighty Theon,
You lived a life well lived. A year may not be enough for you to discover the world but God wants you to be in paradise instead of here. You’ve fought so hard. It’s time for you to rest and fly along with other angels. Always watch over your mom and dad and help them heal over time. Madaming nagmamahal sayo, Theon. Rest well in paradise.


We loved him a lot but God loves him more.

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