Wazz Up, Wazz Up

With the rainy season, we also temporarily gave up our weekend family trips. Unless needed or invited for a specific event, mister and I decided to stay at home during the weekends and take a complete rest instead of going elsewhere. This is to escape the traffic caused by heavy rains and also to eliminate the chance of getting a virus in this season of flu.

However, last August 19, we went grocery shopping after we picked up Zian. It was his birthday and his mom’s out of the country (affected by the Xiamen Air incident) so we picked him up and brought him to the playhouse with Jhia. While mom and the mister were in the grocery, I and the kids went to play.

The next day I was scheduled to meet with my high school friends and fellow moms Joanna, A and Angie. We let the kids play in Kidzoona endlessly for two hours. We also danced along with Lala Chan, Kidzoona’s mascot. Zian and Alden participated in a drawing activity. They both got a free 30-minute extension and a plastic of jellies as a prize. The kids all had fun and Zian went home full of smiles from gaining new friends. We sent Zian home the next day.

Last August 25, we celebrated our parents’ 55th wedding anniversary thru a dinner in Aristocrat in Malolos. After dinner we spent an hour chatting with the kids. It was the first time we hang out with Diko and family. Sans were on an out of town and Jian was their representative. The next day, we visited Papa’s grave. Sadly it was about to rain so we had to leave immediately.

Lastly, let’s break the news. I’m currently about 12 weeks pregnant and this journey is different from the last time. I’m a little more sensitive this time in terms of foods and smell. But knowing there’s a little heartbeat inside me, I know we can get over this. I just pray that he (or she) will remain healthy until the day I give birth. This is the primary reason why we chose to stay at home when there’s no important errand to do and maybe why we’ll skip more gala until next year. This includes our supposed to be Cebu trip for our 10th anniversary. Huhu. I’m due to give birth on March.

That’s all for now. I’m just actually filling my blog with another entry to add this month. Lols. I am excited for next month’s surprise. It’s the mister’s birthday and our anniversary. Yoohoo! And also the start of ber months.

That’s all. Can’t wait to share with you our next adBONtures. ❤


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