Chismosang Kapitbahay

It’s been a while since I opened myself up to new friends I only met online. These were people who I met in TFIOB with blogging as our common ground.

They formed a group chat where everyone could share the latest happenings about the group and even their daily lives. There were also mini-meet ups where you can attend when you’re available.

In my case, I haven’t attended any yet. So I never met them personally. The only one I know was A. She was the one who added me to the group.

I’m not the type who easily gets comfortable with strangers. I was a silent reader.

Until another group chat was created for a check up update of one of the members. It consisted mainly of girls. That gc became a ground for a lot more stories and conversations. I just realized one day that I have started to be comfortable and chatty and now, I feel like I’m one of the noisiest in the group.

The point is, you don’t need to see someone in person to be connected together. All you need is a common ground. These people I barely know are now friends who helps me forget about my anxiety. Apparently, today is another day I grieve over the loss of my father. Not sure if they do it in purpose, but their virtual presence comforted me today.

It’s never easy to open yourself up but it’s rewarding to welcome new people in your life.

Salamat, mga virtual kapitbahay! ❤

PS. Our chikahan is never about other people, just to be clear with you. It’s mostly personal experiences, informative matters, and sometimes green topics, too! *wink*

7 thoughts on “Chismosang Kapitbahay

  1. Gusto ko yung PS, Mommy Jhem. Haha.

    Sa other TFIOB friends, wag magtampo kung nagbuo kami ng new group chat. Ang main topic dun ay matres and all ita connection. Hahaha.

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