Hakab Na! 2018

When I first joined Hakab, it was mainly for experience. It was last year, I told myself that maybe I should try joining mommy events. Together with a high school friend whose son is of same age as my daughter and who has the same advocacy as mine, we formed a tribe and joined Hakab. Last year, it was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The experience was okay, I only intended to finish the main highlight which was the simultaneous breastfeeding. After having lunch and roaming around a little, we headed home. We went home with a lootbag of goodies from the sponsors and a some pictures from the photographers in the event. Medyo wala talaga akong tiyaga sa ganyan so we left early. With the pagod from waking up way too early than the usual plus the travel period, I told myself I wouldn’t join again next year.

E na-peer pressure?! Haha.

Kidding aside, it’s not about peer pressure at all. Jhia’s two already and still breastfeeding. It’s a milestone we should celebrate! And as my way of celebration, I joined this year’s Hakab Na! Event. This year I challenged myself being a tribe leader and exerted effort in recruiting friends who would want to join. When there’s no more friends, we’ve recruited mothers who want to join the event but can’t form a tribe. They were strangers we’ve invited in our tribe. Eventually, it turned out that everybody’s game and very cooperative na may pakulong tshirt, bows and banner pa kami sa tribe. This year was a fun experience. Not to mention, it’s a mini reunion for me and my high school friends A, Angie and Joanna. I was also able to invite Keng, Jolo’s highschool barka, Monde’s wife. So masaya talaga! Sobrang saya at chikahan namin, di namin namalayan na natapos na namin yung event until the last program.

Joining this year’s Hakab is not anymore for experience. I think it’s more of advocacy now to inspire other moms to continue breastfeeding their child as long as they can. I never thought I would breastfeed Jhia up to this age. When she was close to turning two, I was on the verge of giving up. Sabi ko magttwo na siya, pwede na siyang i-wean. I tried giving her alternatives para matuto siyang mag-bottle feed. Gusto niya nung una, pero nagsawa ata ayaw na naman niya. I had no choice but to give in sa demand niyang magdede pa. Told myself, ‘sige, pag matutulog nalang naman’. Coincidentally, I found out I was pregnant and my pregnancy is different from last time. I only want to lie down the whole day and sleep. So I changed my mind and decided not to wean her forcibly and just wait until the second baby come out kasi eto nalang din yung bonding namin.

To this day, I’m not really sure until when I can breastfeed her. One time, I tried to check one of my breasts and pinch it but no milk came out. So I wonder if I still have the golden liquid. Sabi naman nila talagang nagdedecrease yung supply when you are pregnant. I don’t know hanggang kelan ni Jhia gugustuhing dumede. But as long as she wants to and as long as I can, then be it. Sometimes kasi it is the comfort she needed kaya go nalang. I believe it’s not so long before she totally forget about it, anyway.

Next year, I’m not so sure if I can join again but I’m not closing doors. Since there’ll be another baby to breastfeed next year, who knows? Nakakontrata na din kami ng mga ka tribe ko for a come back next year! Haha.

I wish Hakab Na! 2018 has relayed its message to everyone out there to be inspired and to #NaturalizeBreastfeeding. And sana kayo din, moms, ay na-inspire na magpadede sa inyong mga anak.

Happy International Breastfeeding Week!


ps. This post will be edited with pictures soon.

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