Enjoy These Promos on your Birth Month

Because it’s my birthday in a few days, I searched for activities we can possibly do on that day. Most of the results you’ll get from google are restaurants and since I’m really not a fan of buffet, I did a little research on activities, hotels, museum, spa and things other than eating that we can do for a simple celebration. Sharing with you what I got, so far:

Just tag along one friend and you’re set to explore the sweetest museum in the country. The Dessert Museum offers free entry for Juners, just present a valid ID that contains your birthday and a full paying friend (or family). Heard too, that children under 3 years are free. Hurry, because so far, offer is only until the end of June. Click here for more info.


Manila Ocean Park also offers free entry for birthday celebrants with 3 full paying friends. Just present a valid ID with your birthday on it and you’re good to go. Hurry, because as per their website, promo is only until the end of the month. Check their website here.


Birthday celebrants can get in for free in Art in Island a day before, on the exact day and the day after their birthday. Just present a valid ID or your birth certificate. Unlike in TDM and MOP, this is a year-round promo. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

mind museum birthday promo

The Mind Museum also has something for birthday celebrants but offer also ends in June 30th so you still have a few days left to enjoy the promo. Click here for more information.


Here’s also a special treat from Enchanted Kingdom! Birthday celebrant is free as long as you present a valid ID and/or your birth certificate and a full paying friend. You may check their website for the complete mechanics.


Magpapahuli ba sila? Unlock the kid at heart in you as you celebrate your special day in Dreamplay! They also offer free admission for birthday celebrants 7 days before and after your birthday. Just present a valid proof of your birthday and you’re ready to explore.Click here for more info.

Most buffet restaurants also offer birthday treats. The famous Vikings, Tong Yang, Sambokojin, Dad’s offers free dining experience for birthday celebrants provided they tag along a few friends. As for Kuya J’s restaurant, however, you can avail a special discount if you dine with your set of friends or family.

Apologies for posting this a little late particularly for those promos ending this month. Anyway you still have a few days left to enjoy their promotion so better (a little) late than never, right?

Baka you have anything in mind other than the establishments mentioned above, please feel free to write on the comment box so I’ll have more options. Thanks a lot in advance!

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