Baguio 2018

Baguio isn’t really in our list this year but I needed to visit a friend. We’re thankful we were able to squeeze in a schedule for it. Thank God for the Holiday!

Did you know that Baguio is only three hours away from Manila? Thank heavens – the government, I mean – for the new Pozzorubio exit in TPLEX. Next thing you know you’re traversing the zigzag up to the city proper. Good job!

At 12nn, we were already in Kennon road. Few minutes after, we arrived in the city proper. We drove around a little as we were supposed to meet Vine in SM. Traffic was bad and the parking was full so we decided to go to the condo. We checked in at around 2pm. Thankfully, we’re already settled in the room when the rain poured. Perfect time to rest while waiting for Vine, as well. Around 5pm, we walked to the Cathedral to attend a mass. It was only a few minutes walk from the condo we were checked in. After mass, we ate at 50’s Diner.

Back to the condo after dinner. We rested for a while then drove our friend home. Sadly, her parents were already asleep so we weren’t able to meet mama and papa. Only Ser, her husband.

That night, we had a good sleep even without an aircon or electric fan. The weather was just too cold we only needed to keep the windows open. I was actually expecting the little kid to wake up in the middle of the night. I was ready to get up and turn the fan on but surprisingly, she didn’t until morning. So we all had a good sleep!

The next day, we drove to the Strawberry farm early morning. The little kid was a bit not in the mood as maybe she’s still sleepy. Hehe.

Unfortunately, the whole place is muddy from yesterday’s rain. No one dared to enter the farm to pick up strawberries. We ended up buying fruits and mom enjoying the ornamental plants, instead.

From La Trinidad, we headed straight to Mines View Park. We had brunch then roam around a little. We didn’t bother going to the view deck because there’re lots of people. Huhu. Besides, mom’s waiting at the entrance. She didn’t come with us because she easily gets tired walking. You know, seniors. So we only took a few pictures since I know the little kid would enjoy the horse and the big dog. She actually did.

Back to the condo, we only took a quick bath then packed our things and checked out. We met Vine after and then went to Good Shepherd for some pasalubong.

We were supposed to drop by the market for some vegetables because it costs a loooot cheaper there but for some reason, we weren’t able to do so. We left Baguio at around 4pm. This time, we took Marcos Highway. It took us a bit longer, though, because 1) Trucks run slow but you couldn’t overtake in a zigzag, 2) we made lots of stop overs and 3) Marcos Hway is naturally longer than Kennon Road.

Finally, we arrived home at 10pm.

Baguio, as good as it was, has always been everyone’s favorite summer destination with its cold weather that gives you comfort especially with the scorching heat in Manila. BUT with every family and group of friends going there with their own vehicles, it’s getting crowded and traffic is becoming a problem. Although with the kind of weather they have and the attractions almost a few minute walk apart, you can just get on your feet and walk. Unfortunately, for us who comes with a toddler and an elderly, we can only go around with a car. Hence, the waiting game. So if you’re bringing a car, bring a lot of patience, too, as to not press your horn over and over again.

By the way, I almost forgot. We stayed in Megatower Residences. It is located in Sandico St., just a few steps away from the Cathedral and few minutes walk from SM Baguio. I booked it via Our room has a double-sized bed with a pull out bed and a sofa bed so it accommodates up to 4 person. There’s a hot and cold shower, too. The room is clean and relaxing. It has a TV with cable and it has its own wifi connection. You can cook inside as there’s a built in electric stove. Utensils are also available, rice cooker and a kettle. Towels and toiletries are provided, too. Worth it for Php2500! I just forgot to take a picture of the unit, my bad. They also offer a secured parking in the basement for additional fee of Php200. Not bad.

That’s all for our Baguio trip. I’ll leave you with some more pictures here. ‘Til our next adBONtures. ❤

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