Today is a New Day

Today, I choose to change how I see life.

To be happy – even when I have all the reasons to be lonely.
To appreciate – even when I don’t feel appreciated.
To reach out – even when I feel like people are turning their back on me.
To be thankful – even when things don’t go my way.

Today, I choose to be positive —
And forget about the crazy things that ruins my mind.
No to bitterness and negativity
And yes to all crazy, positive things.

Today, I choose joy —
And pray that all wounds will be healed in time.

Today, I change the direction of my life
Into a better me so I can have a wonderful tomorrow.

Today, I let go of all the pain and sorrow —
And allow love to rule over.

Today, I choose to understand —
And let go of all the heavy burdens inside my heart.

Today, I decided to change myself —
So if today is my last day, I will have no regrets.

*Sometimes, life is a matter of mind setting. Life’s too short to worry about what’s yet to happen. So just live the moment because you only live once.

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