Jhia and Zian Day

Yesterday, me and the mister brought the kids out for some play time. Louise is in Cebu with her sister Jowie, who was confined in a hospital there due to Dengue. They’ve been there for almost a week and Zian’s been surely missing her. They’ve been apart since she flew to the US last week. To ease his loneliness a bit, we picked him up and went to the mall.


We played at Kidzoona, our first time there. Not bad for Php300 admission fee for an hour and a half, sulit! Play area was huge plus there are role playing area. They had so much fun! Let the pictures speak for themselves:


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Zian’s a good boy. He follows accordingly. He uses po and opo. And I saw that he’s a good kuya to Jhia. I wasn’t able to take a picture of them while walking around but he was holding Jhia’s hand even when she was in her stroller. He was behaved naman. Playful, of course, but not to the extent that you’d get tired calling his name. He knows how to listen. He’s a smart kid and I am so much proud of my niece for raising him so well.


Ganun pala ‘yung feeling ng may dalawang anak! Tapos gusto ko pa ng next agad no? HAHAHA.

We ate at McDo after, as he wished. We bought them both a happy meal. Zian was so happy. Buti nga sumama na even without her tita Jo or tito Jas.


We’re kind of in a hurry to bring him back home because he has a tutor at 8pm. Maybe we can still play a little more in Timezone if not. But anyway, I feel delighted to get a chance to be with them. #TitaDuties They both enjoyed, Zian could tell without words while the little girl went fast asleep as we went back on the road.

*Kidzoona in Ayala Fairview Terraces is located on the 3rd floor. Admission fee is Php300 for 90 minutes, good for 1 kid and 1 guardian. For other branches, you may check their FB page here

**Metrodeal is currently offering a discount in the admission pass. You may check it here. Promo is until March 15, 2018 only.


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