Valentines with the Little Kid

It’s hearts day again. Pang-ilang Valentines na nga ba namin to?

Every year, the mister has a special surprise.

Last year, he went home from work with a bouquet of flowers and a box of cake. Surprise!

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No bouquet of flowers for this year, though. Instead, we dine out and played in Timezone again. That’s after we attended the mass since it’s also Ash Wednesday.

Our bouquet this year was a basket of tickets from Timezone. (Thank you, daddy!) I guess when you become a parent, even special occasion like this will be about the #LittleKid.

Valentines is a special occasion celebrated by couples and even families. During this time, restos are filled with queue. If you’re bringing a child – a hyper and impatient toddler, specifically –  you better find a place that will not keep you waiting for so long. The newly opened Vertis North has a very cozy ambience. There are restaurants, stores and a cinema, too. There’s also some kind of a Japanese-themed area at the top level with stalls that offers Japanese foods. Only a few areas to explore as for now as some of the stores are still closed. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why there are less people there. If you only want to dine or do some strolling, you might want to check the place.

Valentines Day usually means traffic everywhere, full mall parking, and long queue in restos. In Vertis North, we didn’t find difficulty in finding a parking slot and, for the record, we didn’t line up for a seat even without reservation! I had a feeling, though, that it’ll only be for now since it just opened but once it’s fully opened, maybe people will discover the place. Oh no! So you’d better check it out before it becomes an EB place. Huehue.

2 thoughts on “Valentines with the Little Kid

    1. Keri, Meg. Konti pa nga lang ang mga stores na open, mostly kainan. Pero maganda yung ambience dun. Mukhang maganda din and sinehan 👍🏻

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