Mom’s Birthday

It’s been a family thing to celebrate special occasions. If there’s one thing that our parents instilled to us, it’s close family ties.

This year, though, celebrations would be different as it’s gonna be the first of every celebration without my dad. However, we still make it a point to be present just as what Papa taught us.

For mom’s birthday this year, we skipped home preparation and dine in a resto, instead. We ate at chef Raymart’s Sangkap in Vertis North.



We played at Timezone while waiting for the others. It was an hour before the mall closed when we entered the resto and took our orders. Jian arrived next, then Noy with her girlfriend Cheng, then Diko’s family. Jolo and Krizia came last, few minutes before 9pm.

It was indeed a joyful celebration for mom’s 77th birthday. Thankful for the presence of my siblings and the kids. We were almost complete, except those who were out of town and out of the country for work. Thankful to Sangkap, too, for the delicious foods.


Praying for another year of good health for mom and wishing she wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. I’m sure Papa’s also had a celebration up there.


Sangkap is Filipino restaurant owned and managed by Chef Raymond Martin Reyes who happened to be mom’s niece (technically, our cousin). They serve pinoy foods and Cebu Lechon Sinigang is their best seller. You may view their full menu here. They also have a live singer that entertains guests while you eat. Main branch is in Pasig but they also have branches in Taguig and Vertis North.

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday

  1. Ang hirap diba pag may mga birthday tapos kulang kayo! 😦 Talagang try lang maging normal ang life ulit kahit mahirap. 😀

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