HamDalBalMal 2018

Like the Super Blue Blood Moon, yesterday was a ‘once in a blue moon’ event as we, four, were finally reunited and, for God-knows-since-when, complete! Even if Marian only stayed for a while, it felt like the event of the year. We missed being all together. We’ve been busy with our own paths after TV5 and it’s only now that our schedules agreed. Thank you, Lord!

We were filled with endless stories and laughter – two things we missed doing since we parted ways. And of course, Vine’s pasabog. Apparently, the very reason she gathered us was because of her ‘big revelation’. But I won’t tell it to you hehe. Not yet now. So anyway, we’re all excited for the ‘big day’ we were close to blocking our scheds. Just that, no one’s really sure when exactly it will be. Looking forward to that! Huehue

All smiles!


Is it obvious how much we missed each other? It’s been three years and although there were all sorts of chat apps, there’s just something about personally being there. It’s true, right? Stories have piled up and time has always been quick, it’s just not enough no matter how early we started. Well, what’s important is that we were able to spend time all together.

In life, it’s true you don’t need a lot of friends. Only a few that’s true to you and who you can be yourself when you’re with them. Real friendship also knows no distance. Vine’s back to Baguio since late 2015 I think. Marsh’s busy in her new profession. Only ate Pen was left in TV5. I am mastering my new career as a mom. We’ve all been busy with our own stuffs but for a rare moment like this, me made ourselves available. Definitely, this won’t be the last. Looking forward to a Baguio version of this reunion.

This is the first time I got to go out with friends since Papa’s death and it felt really comforting being with them. I felt like I hadn’t laughed like that for a long time. Thank you God for the special gift of friendship.

Few years more and there’d be little HamDalBalMal in our pictures, too. *ehem*

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