Papa’s Birthday

December 28, 2017 – Papa must’ve been 75. He always wanted this day to be extra special, with the whole family and her siblings around. The plan was to put up a surprise celebration for him in a resto. The day before he died, me and the husband scouted for possible venues and in fact, pencil booked one of them. Who would have thought that we’d celebrate in the cemetery.

Anyhow, the whole family gathered around his grave and prayed for his soul then had a mini salo salo after. Everbody’s present. If he’s there, I’m sure he’d be overjoyed because all his grandchildren were there.


hindi ko pala na picture-an yung palabok. Booo!


The kids stayed overnight at our house and had a little bonding. I know Papa’s always been looking forward to this. He loved this kids very much. That’s why the kids are obviously very close to him as well.


Happy birthday, Pa! We know you had a good time in heaven. There’s unlimited foods and drinks and everything there! And most importantly, you celebrate with God in heaven. We love you!


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