Christmas 2017

It’s been our family tradition to reunite on Christmas Day. Every year, my siblings and their families come over on the 25th of December to celebrate the day all together. This year was different, though, since we lost my father early this month. It felt incomplete not seeing our ‘master chef’ in the kitchen. Over the years, we wake up with him busy preparing our Noche Buena as early as 7am!

Nevertheless, we spent the holiday as usual. For mom not to feel lonely, Sans and family shared the Noche Buena with us. We’ve invited my in-laws, too.



On Christmas day itself, our house was filled with kwento, kalokohan and endless laughter as my nieces and nehews came to celebrate at home. Indeed my favorite time of the year! I’m sure Papa’s equally happy seeing us all together. We miss you, Pa!



Duran Kids

It’s still a merry Christmas, after all! I’m sure Papa’s even happier to celebrate the day with the celebrator, himself.

Merry Christmas (padin), everyone!

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