Random Act of Kindness

Since I can’t sleep yet, let me share a story:

One time we were at the mall, we went to Chatime for my favorite milk tea. We were walking around for like an hour or two already and I was carrying my daughter so I was exhausted that time. The store was full and there was no seat available. While the mister was in line for our orders, a man from the table near the counter offered his seat. I already noticed him looking at me as if willing to give his seat anytime but I was too shy so I looked away. They were actually a group of about three men and an old woman who insisted that I should take a sit. The man looked like a korean national. I was surprised that the tagalog speaking woman seemed to be their mother. I seated for a while then got back up to accompanied Kish to the cotton candy stall. I smiled and thanked both of them.

It’s not everyday that you encounter such act of kindness and I must say I really appreciate it. Plus ten pogi points for you, kuya! May mabubuting loob pa pala sa mundo. Thank you for your existence. You just don’t know how much you’ve helped me in your little way.

In return, such simple act deserve a gratitude. You don’t need to reward them with a drink or something. Two words – thank. You. It means a lot to them. Hindi naman mahirap mag thank you, diba?

This season, it’s time we share good deeds – not only goodies – to others. May it be to someone we know or to a stranger, share the values our parents taught us through a simple act as offering our seat, picking up what they accidentally dropped or opening a door for someone. It is the season of giving – and by that I mean not only presents, but also a good heart to everyone.

Spread love and happiness this yuletide season. Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. There are still lots of kind people in our Country. It’s just sad that people are overwhelmed by the bad things happening around us, and tend to forget the goodness of other people. Great and inspiring post. More power!

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