Three Things Toddlers Remind Us


Toddler years are the best time to teach our children the things they need to learn. From ABCs and 123s to the values we want to instill them. But just when we thought that we are the ones teaching them, sometimes they are the one to remind us of the things we should always bear in mind. Here are three things we should always be reminded:

  1. Life goes on!
    There was a time when nadapa si toddler, umiyak lang saglit, then sige ulit! Minsan nga, wala pang iyak. Minsan, tumatawa pa. Ganun talaga, bes. Pag nadapa ka, bangon lang ulit. Not because nadapa ka e magpapakalugmok ka na forever. Life goes on. Bangon lang ng bangon. E ganun talaga, part of growing up yun.
  2. Action speaks louder than words.
    My daughter would come to me every time I’d say ‘I love you”. She’d lean her head to me as if…

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