Hiro Hero

Let me tell you a story, this will be just short:

Last June, we lost a puppy to Parvo. Hiro, a four-month old male shih tzu. He was black as his father. He’s bubbly and playful and Jhia loves to play with him at her young age.

On June, my daughter went sick that she was hospitalized. She had a fever as high as 39.2°C. We were back and forth the hospital then because we were treating her asthma before she had a fever so when I brought her to the ER, the doctor’s advise was to confine her so we can monitor her condition.

That day she was confined, Hiro died.

As what the elders believe, tinubos niya si Jhia.

I really don’t believe in such myths and I’m no pet lover. But it moved me and for the first time in my life, I cried over a puppy like I never did before. It was a mixed emotion: Sad because he was close to our hearts and if only the little girl would understand, I’m sure she’d feel sorrowful. She loved to play with Hiro and Buorbon; but at the same time I am thankful, if that tubos thing is true.

I never imagined such thing can happen. It was the first time my daughter became sick for more than a week – asthma and roseola (tigdas hangin) one after the other. When I learned about the passing of Hiro, I hugged the little kid so tightly and told her how the poor puppy loved her. The next morning her fever went off and we were out of the hospital the next day.

Both Hiro and Jhia were clueless of what had happened but I’m sure had Jhia known about it, she’d be grateful to Hiro as well. He’s at peace now and we have him in our hearts forever.

*photos from my niece’s facebook account

Have you had a similar experience? Or do you have the same belief? Do you think it’s true? Hope you can share it down in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Hiro Hero

    1. Nakakakilabot pakinggang girl. Pag narerecall ko naluluha padin ako. Pero ano kayang mangyayari kung hindi naman siya namatay? Haha. Naisip ko lang.

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