Luna’s Birthday + Nuvali

Yesterday, we attended Luna’s birthday in Jollibee – Caltex Balibago. It would be my daughter’s first encounter with Jollibee so I was half excited since she likes Jollibee so much (the other half of me was alanganin ‘coz I feel like he’d scare her away. Lols). We went with Jay and Zander, mister’s college barkada. We left Manila at half past nine and arrived in Balibago at past 12nn.

Good thing the party’s just about to start when we arrived. There was an opening prayer and a few parlor games before the meal was served. I was actually hungry so I was really looking forward to the foods. Lels, serre. After we filled up our tummies, their ‘special guests’ appeared: Twirlie and Jollibee! Yey!

When they came, I thought Jhia’s gonna be happy or excited. Turned out the other way around. She hysterically cried when Jollibee finally stood on the front and about to have pictures with the kids. Sabi ko panaman sa sarili ko, aba, ngayon tatlo na kaming magpapapicture kay Jollibee at ibblog ko yon! Apparently, I was right that she’d get scared with the mascots huhu. So the whole time that Twirlie and Jollibee were in front, she was crying loud and wouldn’t want to be put down. She stopped when they danced, but would shout whenever she felt like they’re nearing her. She only went back to playing with other kids when the two left. I don’t know what’s with mascots and clowns that scares her but she becomes hysterical when they come near.

Anyway, she still enjoyed the party along with other kids. She even danced baby shark when the mascots disappeared. Huehue.

Happy Birthday, Luna!

After the party, we headed to Tagaytay. Our original plan was only to buy tarts in Rowena’s then stay in Nuvali until it’s time for the light show. But since we’ve got Jay and Zander with us, we went to Bulalo Point for merienda then stopped at Rowena’s for our ever favorite cheese tart.


Sight seeing

We left Tagaytay at maybe past 5pm but arrived in Nuvali at 7. Thanks to the traffic, sarcastically. Despite that, we still wanted to witness the magical light show as suggested by kuya Marnel. I was expecting a really magical show, more enticing than the Ayala Lights. When we got there, though, we were kinda disappointed because there was a croooooowd of people and we could hardly see the light show. I also thought that there was a real light tunnel where you could pass through but apparently, it was only a display.



After all, it’s a nice attraction in the place only that, maybe because it’s also a weekend, there was a lot more people but according to kuya Marnel, they often bring Luna there during the weekdays. They’re only about 3+ kms away from there. Or it could also be that since it was only the second week since it was opened to the public that’s why people are still on the hype of going there. Baka wrong timing lang kami. We left the place with a disappointed heart and tired feet from walking about 4 kms back and forth the parking area. (NOTE: There was a parking area on the field where the lights were situated but it was pay parking AND TRAFFIC talaga. SUPER! Tipong it will take you an hour before you can park your car).

The Magical Field of Lights

We ended the trip with a dinner in SLEX where they were hoping to catch the Nike Factory store but unfortunately was already closed when we got there. Medyo malas lang. Haha. We arrived home at 1am.

5 thoughts on “Luna’s Birthday + Nuvali

    1. GO! Maganda na nga dun ngayon, madami nang pasyalan saka cozy. Maganda din talaga ung lights! Kung malapit ka lang dun, puntahan niyo ng weekday mageenjoy mga kids 🙂

  1. Kahit nung nasa Pinas pa ako, ‘di ko pa naexperience live ‘yung field of lights na ‘yan. Hahaha parang ang ganda sa mata. Miss ko na rin ang Tagaytay at Nuvali, lagi rin kami d’yan dati HUHUHU

    1. Maganda talaga sya kaso yun nga, di mo maappreciate sa dami ng tao. Unless siguro talagang mauuna ka dun or makatyempo ka ng pwesto. Huhubels.

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