Kasalo Mo

Last night, my nephews Jian and Patrick were here to have a dinner with us.

Everytime their parents will be away for a day or two, I’d invite this two to come over since they’re just a few blocks away from us. These two are like our adopted, lalo na si Jian. He used to stay in our house on his free time. He’d even sleep over whenever he wanted to. Yun lang, they have an autowork business to take care of now so he seldom comes over.

Last night, though, they accepted my invite and even brought some additional ulam we can share. Nakabili na kasi ako ng lulutuin when they said yes.

Times like these are always special to me. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam makita yung mga pamangkin ko kapag magkakasama at puno ng kalokohan. Puro lalaki ba naman e! No wonder I used to be mistaken as tomboy when I was a kid kasi naman sila ang kasabay ko lumaki! And sarap din sa feeling kapag nagcoconfide sila saken. I’m like their older sister. E mga four years lang ba naman ang gap namin e. Naalala ko, minsan napagkakamalan akong girlfriend nila. Buahaha.

Before I had Jhia, I was a tita to these kids. Sila yung happiness ko. I live for them. I set as a good example, I wanted to be an inspiration to them. Kung ano ang achievement ko ngayon, they are the real reason behind it. Now that I have my daughter, I’m still a tita and a friend to them. Yun lang it’s payback time. I used to babysit them all, ngayon, they do the same to Jhia. Hoho!

Sayang, walang picture e. Booo!

Looking forward to more kasalo moments with these not-so-kiddos-anymore. Oh! Lalo na sa pasko. 😀

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