Dasol 2017

Ate’s Pinas vacation wouldn’t be complete without going to the beach. So when come Holiday, we took the chance for a trip. Destination: DASOL, PANGASINAN.

It’s actually our second time to visit the place but our first time to drive. We only followed waze because my brother in law wouldn’t want a convoy. From NLEX, we headed to SCTEX then TPLEX and took the Urdaneta Exit. From there, we pass through several towns before reaching Alaminos. From Alaminos, we’re still two towns away. We left home at 4am and arrived at the place at almost 1pm. Whew! Although that eight hour plus drive consists of all the stop overs we can make. Huehue.

What a long drive! But according to my brother-in-law, we should’ve taken Ramos exit in TPLEX so we could get there faster. Oh well, we relied solely on waze as instructed. That’s another story to telll.



Lunch was ready when we arrived so after a few minute rest, we munch on fish sinigang (I don’t know what kind of fish it exactly is. Sorry) and adobong squid.

Family Lunch

After filling up our tummies, time for a sea breeze feels.

Forever my favorite place to be

Tired from the long drive, every one doze off after resting for a little while. Well, except the hyper active little kiddo who roamed around while everyone’s asleep. I’m telling you if she’s holding a pen, she must have written on everyone’s face! Good thing she didn’t and just kept on pinching everybody’s arms and face. Lols. After an hour or so, time for a dip! It was Jhia’s first time to soak in the beach. She was actually scared at first but when I put her down, God, she didn’t even want us to hold on to her anymore.


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When the sun’s down and it’s cold, we washed up for dinner and ended the day with a videoke bonding. The boys had a little drinking session, too.


The little kid did not sleep until the lights are completely off so we all went to sleep at around ten.

The next morning, we woke up a little late because the kiddo’s still knocked out. However, we enjoyed the beach since it wasn’t sun shiny at all. We were not able to ride the boat (booo!) so we walked to Kap’s place for a fresh buko juice and took a dip. Again.


We maximized our stay and didn’t take pictures anymore. Everybody enjoyed this trip.

Thank you Lord for your wonderful creations. I must say I’m really a beach baby and it will always, always be my favorite place.

By the way, we stayed at Marianne Family Beach Resort. My brother-in-law is already familiar with the people there and I think he’s friends with everybody hehe. We all stayed in one room. There were three double beds then we just asked for two additional matresses. Sorry I cannot give you the rate since I didn’t really check it. All I can tell you is that our total bill was Php4100. Very affordable, right? Actually, I was expecting a higher bill. I don’t know if we were given  a discount or the accommodation is really cheap. I’m going to update you when I found out. 😀

Before we headed to  the main road, we stopped by the view deck for some pictorial.

L-R: Mister, my bro-in-law, Sans, Papa, Mama, Me and Jhia, Chay, Ate, Jas. Renz at the back
Chay and us
Our balikbayans ate and Renz
Take two
Miss Wala sa mood -.-
the Bons ♥


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