Trick or Treat 2017

For years, I’ve enjoyed giving candies to little and big kids in costume for the Trick or Treat in the office. It’s always been my favorite, along with the Christmas season where kids are singing christmas carols in every home. I love kids so much. Seeing their smiles just by handing them candies and chocolates is priceless.

This year is different, though, because I’m no longer in charge of giving candies away. Instead, I have wth me a little kiddo in costume with a basket ready to be filled with goodies.

It’s the little kid’s first halloween and the dressing up game is a challenge. Haha. I wanted her costume to be different. Hence, our (literally) Little Red Riding Hood.


Her first ‘raket’ was in her dad’s office last Friday, Oct. 28. We weren’t able to take too many pictures, though, because the she’s a little uncomfortable seeing unfamiliar faces. Plus she’s a little sacred of the creepy decorations. She didn’t want to walk so the mister held her the entire time we were walking around for the treats. What she enjoyed the most, I think, is the eating time. Huehue. They had Jollibee meal for snack and she enjoyed munching on the fried chicken and yum burger. She also started playing with Hailey and Sean, mister’s office mates’ children, after eating.

Goodies from Daddy’s office

The next day, we attended another Trick or Treat event sponsored by a breastfeeding organization. I made Jhia wear the same dress, of course! Haha. This time, we were with my friend and fellow breastfeeding mom and advocate, Joanna, and her family.


Not-so-in-the-mood babies

We also got books from both of the events. Our little red riding hood indeed had a fun and exciting first halloween experience. She enjoyed the candies she thought were toys and her new books. I also enjoyed looking at her in costume.

By the way, we got her costume from Greenhills. Hehe. It just so happen that we passed by a stall that sells baby costumes and found that little red riding hood dress. Since I really like it for Jhia, I bought it without hesitation and boom! Instant costume for her. Haha. Now I’m thinking what I would dress her next year. Probably a Princess Sarah or a doll. Haha. Bahala na. Still have a year for it. 😉


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