Sweet Sixteen

Oh it’s my Chuchay’s sweet sixteen today. Time flies!

I get emotional whenever I realize that Chay and Renz are growing up. I’ve been watching them since they were babies. I used to wipe away t heir poops, prepare their dede, bring them to places, play with them, take care of them, do their assignments, pick them up from school, the list goes on! They were my babies before Jhia. Sila yung talagang inalagaan ko since they were born. And now, they’re both grown ups.

Chay, she’s growing up to be a fine young lady. Can’t believe is eighteen in two years! Parang kailan lang, naalala ko nung bata sya, I used to joke na ipapamigay ko sya. Bibigay ko sya kay ganito, kay ganyan. One time, sinabi nya sakin “tita, do you want dead me?” Gusto ko daw bang mamatay na sya haha kasi lagi ko nga siyang nilolokong ipapamigay ko.

She’s sixteen today and still the same makulit little lady and super kikay! Mas marunong pa siya magkilay kesa saken, bes! Huhu. But I am proud of what she is becoming. I know she’ll make her dreams come true.

The only thing that never changes between us is the bond that we have as her tita, friend and confidante. Lagi ko nga sinasabi sa kanya, no matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby. Even now that I have Jhia. Hehe. I just wish she continue to be a good person and God fearing. In every step of her way, I will always be here.

Happy birthday, Chay! ♥

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