Sleep Talker

Last night, amidst composing a post for my mommywonders blog, I heard the mister say something.

“si Jhia..(sounds like may ginawang kalokohan)”

I knew he was only dreaming because the little kid’s sleeping soundly on our side. The next morning, he said he dreamed that he and Jhia were driving happily together.

It isn’t something new. He used to sleep talk from the beginning. He does that almost every night that’s why I can guess what kind of dream he had – happy, sad, scary, stressed, whatever.

Back in 2011, when we went to Tagaytay for our anniversary, He suddenly mentioned “Quiel” in the middle of the night. Quiel was the name of the typhoon then. I asked, “ano’ng meron”. He answered, “yung bagyo”. I honestly thought he was up so I asked again, “ano naman tungkol dun?” He didn’t reply. I checked on him, he’s sound asleep.

On his second company, he became stressed when he worked with an Indian national for a project that every time he comes home, he would tell me how bad his day was because of him. I could see how hard it was for him. At night, he would dream of it. He’d suddenly shout or sometimes would say curse words. He talked like he was on a meeting and was having an argument with an office mate. He never mentioned any name, though. Back then, I used to wake him up because I feel like he’s having a nightmare or something. He resigned from the company two years ago.

As important as it is not go to bed angry, sleeping healthy is significant, too. Sleep talking is a sleep disorder that is usually caused by stress. Although in most cases, it is hereditary. It isn’t much of a serious problem unless it’s distracting other people. Take note also that sleep talk can be associated with sleep walking so you should pay attention. I have read some articles about it because I get worried at times. It says there’s not much to worry as it is usually hereditary. Meaning he got it either from his mom or dad. Going to find out soon. Lols.

To date, I don’t hear him say anything work related at night. His work environment now is a lot more better than his second company. He always mention Jhia’s name, though, in different tones – angry, happy, playing, or hysterical, like when she did some kalokohan. It sometimes makes me wonder if she’s giving him stress, haha. Kidding aside, at least it’s even better than working – and not to mention, going on a meeting – even when he sleeps.

PS: Been waiting for him to mention a name. Or maybe a number so we can take a pick in a lotto draw. Hmmm.


Sleep sound tonight, folks!

16 thoughts on “Sleep Talker

  1. My lil sis told me I sleep walk, often shouts. Hindi naman ako naniwala dahil walang proweba or something. Haha!

    1. Pano naman kasi magkakaron ng proof kung bigla nalang ni hindi kami makakuha ng celphone diba? HAHA. Uy pero ung sleep walk nakaka worry yun ah. Saka ang creepy lalo na, gabi. Haha.

      1. May kakilala ako nagsleep walk! Bata lang siya. As in around 4, ganun. Lumabas daw siya ng bahay tapos bumalik din. Huhu!

        1. Ganya din yung isa kong pamangkin. Kaya sa kwarto sya lagi ng mama ko natutulog kasi nakakatakot baka mahulog sa hagdan. Nako, sana ma out grow nya yun kung naooutgrow man.

  2. Ay hindi ko alam na pwede palang hereditary ang pag-sleep walk! Ako naman, minsan ginigising ako ni jowa kasi umiiyak nalang ako sa gabi bigla kahit tulog. Ganyan. Kakaloka.

    Wait natin ‘yang number na ‘yan! Makikibahagi kami d’yan! Hahahaa

          1. Ako naman laging parang nahuhulog o nagugulat ganun. Lagi ako nakakapanaginip dati na nahuhulog ako sa bangin. Lalo pag pagod na pagod talaga yung katawang lupa ko. Ganun

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