Bakit Ganun?

Why do I always feel like life is being unfair on me?

I’ve been having a headache the whole day but I can’t even close my eyes because it’s either I have to keep an eye on the little kid or she won’t let me.

I understand that she wants to play so I played with her.

I’d leave the laptop open and made her watch her favorite Barney but she wants me to sing with her.

Mister was on his laptop, working, focused. I can’t even get him to wash the little girl’s butt when she pooped.

When he finally finished, I thought I can have a few minutes rest but guess what? He’d been complaining of a headache, too. It seemed like he got it worse than mine so I got back up and play with Jhia again.

Bakit ganun? I only wanted to rest my eyes so as to feel even a bit better but there he comes with a headache, too, and been masungit to Jhia. The latter ended up clinging to me more than to him bcos he’s on his masungit mode.

Why do I feel like he had his time all to himself while I always have something (or someone) to consider? Ba’t pag sya maysakit ok, magpahinga ka dyan. Bat pag ako na teka, may gagawin pa ako. Ba’t pag sya may ginagawa, sige gawin mo lang. ako, magcellphone lang saglit, blah blah here and there with judging on the side na kesyo di ko binabantayan yung anak ko. Bakit sya, ok lang pag ako mali na ako agad. Minsan, iniisip ko sana magkasakit ako. Pero biglang babawiin ko din. Kasi kahit naman magkasakit ako, it wouldn’t change a thing. God, I want a few min rest please.

Very good indeed. Minsan naiisip ko, bakit ganun. Gusto ko lang ung oras nya after work ibigay nya sa anak nya pero ayun at nasusungitan nya pa. I don’t want to be unfair to him bcos you won’t hear his side but I only want to let this out. Sorry, readers.

And there he was watching PBA despite complaining of a headache.

Okay, bravo. I’m going to sleep. Maybe tomorrow everything will be ok.

Sorry guys, I am not supposed to fill your reading feed with negativity and ranting. Blame it to this terrible headache.


I learned my lesson. I washed the diapers yesterday despite the heavy rains. Medyo -medyo lang naman- naulanan ako kahapon. Maybe that’s where I got this effin’ headache. ✌🏼

10 thoughts on “Bakit Ganun?

  1. Men are very dramatic with their pain. Hahaha. Mommies really deserve all the rest they can get. Raising a child is extremely hard, as they say, it takes a village! Hope you find a system to balance the chores πŸ™‚

    Also, keep yourself hydrated, mommies tend to forget taking care of themselves. Take care po ❀

    1. They tend to be ‘overly’ dramatic sometimes. I wonder why is that… haha. It’s hard, especially when you’re alone. kaya naman most of the times. It’s just that when you’re not feeling well, you feel so tired. I felt alone and helpless. Oh well. Thanks for the comfort and the reminders ❀

  2. Normal lang siguro yang mafeel mo yan tsaka yung mapatanong ka na bakit ganyan. Hindi ako makarelate kasi wala pa kaming baby ni Kyx eh. Pero feeling ko lahat yata ng magasawa pinagdadaanan yan. Sana maging okay na, sana next time hindi mo na mafeel yan and sana bumawi siya hihi ❀

  3. Ate, kumusta? Are you feeling better?

    Siguro, ganun talaga kapag Mommy na? Talagang kahit anong sakit o pagod, iisipin pa rin ‘yung iba. Napakaselfless. Namiss ko tuloy si Mama.

    Hope you’re feeling better! Huuugs!

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