Anniversary Trip 2017

Two weeks ago, I was heartbroken thinking this day would just be an ordinary one. Well, I may have done something good to be rewarded such a happy life. (Charot!) surprrrriiise! We went to the Anniversary Place of the year, the ever famous Tagaytay!

Pano’ng….? Bes, wag mo ko i-judge. Nagising nalang kami, nandun na kami. Charot!

Ok. With the hopes of going out of town, Wednesday night, I tried to search for promotions and discounted accommodations or sort of staycation. While searching, mister came and joined me. A little while later I heard him said “hala, nabook!” It was him in pala, while checking on an affordable staycation, nag proceed yung request nya and hola! A room was reserved! Panic mode, we read the instructions carefully hoping we could find a cancel button or anything. We both ended up trying our luck and agreed to give it a try. At first we were hesitant kasi it was in a condo. The next day, he immediately called the contact person and voila! We’re off to the “anniversary venue ng taon” Tagaytay.

Day 1

Friday morning, we were all set up for our anniversary getaway. We went off a little late, almost 11am. Nagpa carwash pa si mayor, te. Haha. With the traffic in the metro, EDSA in particular, AS ALWAYS, we arrived in Nuvali at almost two. We had lunch there andΒ had a little bonding time with the little kid.


Around 4pm, we left Nuvali for Tagaytay. It was almost an hour travelling from there, not bad. Konting traffic because may ‘kinakalkal‘ na daan but once you pass through it, tuloy tuloy naman na. We checked in at a little past five. Took a rest for a while, arranged our things and then off for dinner. We dine at our favorite Bulalo Point.


We ordered their famous bulalo and sizzling squid

The little kid was really sleepy and tired she fell asleep immediately when we got back in the room. Or maybe, because it was really, really cold, too.

The place was nice. It was actually a condo unit in the Wind Residences. Sounds sosyal no? but yeah, for only Php2700 with free breakfast and a wifi in the room, ok na diba? It has a queen sized bed with a pull under bed na good for 2 din. There was also a dining table and a 3-seater lazy boy sofa. The bathroom has a heater perfect for the cold weather (kasi mahirap maligo pag malamig. Haha). Even the bathroom talaga was cozy! Not to mention, it has the shower na gustong gustong gusto ko talaga! That was the kind I was telling the mister to put in our bathroom when we have our own house! Lels. Haha trip ko talaga yun, sorry na. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Booo! It also has a balcony facing the amenities. There were kitchen utensils as well. So technically, the only thing you cannot do inside the room is cooking.


Day 2

The next day, breakfast was delivered to us at 8 in the morning. After breakfast, we headed to explore the clubhouse. It was almost a good weather to enjoy the swimming pool but poor woman, the red flag is up.



Check out time is at 12nn and we finished fixing our things early so we checked out early. We had lunch at Leslie’s inside the Sky Ranch. There, inabutan na kami ng ulan so we enjoyed the clouds with a little pictorial. When the clouds were gone, we headed to the Picnic Grove. The original plan was actually to explore Paradizoo kaso nga, it was a little rainy so we opted for the Picnic Grove nalang. Well, actually, I really don’t know what’s with the mister that he insisted going there despite the rain. E nasa mood sya magdrive and maaga pa daw, then sige, go!


Check out time
Lunch at Leslie’s in the Sky Ranch
You can hardly see the Sky Eye because of the clouds

We went to the Pink Sisters first pala before going to the Picnic Grove.

Actually, we didn’t even stay for an hour. It was just like nagpicture lang kami. When we saw the clouds coming, the mister wanted to drove up to the Palace in the Sky. Loko din e. When we were there, we didn’t even enter the gate and reached the peak. It was just like he only wanted to experience the clouds. Nangyari naman.Β It was scary, zero visibility. As in hindi mo makikita kung may kasalubong ka, to think we’re on the zigzag road! When we arrived, we only bought some fruits. Well, maybe because it’s getting really cold na din and wala din kaming makikita. Pinalipas nalang namin yung clouds before driving back down to the junction.


It was really a wonderful experience. I don’t know but there’s something in it that refreshes me. Parang, ready na ako ulit bumalik ng Manila. Once in a while when I feel like I get too exhausted and stressed out, I go to a place where I can breathe fresh air. In anywhere I go naman, there is always a surprise. I guess it’s God’s way of telling me ‘it’s ok, just breath. Here’s something for you. Now get back on your feet and move again’. Ganern.

Every year, our anniversary had been our escape from the stress of the metro and every destination has a surprise for us. Thank you, fate!

And of course, thank you Lord for always keeping us safe.

By the way, let me share this with you, too. Back to the junction, we went to the cheapest Petron na nadaanan namin going to Bulalo Point. Gasoline price there was 45.10. 46.55 kasi sa ‘suki’ naming Petron station while 47.10 naman along Mindanao Ave. So there we went and filled up our tank. To our surprise, there’s a Php2.00 discount on gasoline that day so pumapatak na 43.10/liter lang sya. What a steal lalo na ngayong pataas ng pataas ang gasolina. Surprise!! It’s our day, indeed!

We arrived in the metro at around 9 and finally home at almost 10pm. The little kid was fast asleep. Pagod sa byahe. I hope she enjoyed her first trip to Tagaytay and that we filled her heart with nothing but happiness and love kahit pagod. This is just the beginning of our adventures as a family. Mahirap palang dalahin si Jhia out of town, kaloka! But my heart was overjoyed seeing them playing together all day. Para talaga sa kanila to e. Huhu. Taga picture lang talaga ako. Screw you, menstruation! Haha. Eto lang talaga ang picture ko:


Thank you for this trip, daddy. I love you and Jhia. Happy anniversary to us! ❀

15 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip 2017

  1. I want to go to Tagaytay, again. I want to tour. Kapag kasi nagpupunta kami, mostly nasa isang lugar lang, may event. Ganern.

    1. Maganda pumunta dun kapag ganitong malamig season. although it may be crowded and traffic can be horrible kapag madaming tao. But still madami pa namang magandang places na pwedeng i-explore. Next time, we’ll try boating. Yun nag di ko pa naexperience doon πŸ™‚

      1. Nakakainggit talaga! Malapit na kasi exams. Magkasunod exam this sem at exam for entrance exams.

        1. oo. Nung nakita nya yung mga pictures kwento ng kwento sa mga lola nya. Kahit wala syang nabubuong words, nakaktuwa. πŸ˜€

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