adBONtures Times Three

In exactly two weeks, mister and I will be celebrating our ninth anniversary together, three years married. After finishing our degree, it’s been our annual celebration to go out of town. Well, except three years ago when we got married and last year because I just gave birth to Jhia. This year, it will be more exciting since we can already bring the little kid (Yehey!).

The original plan was Vigan. I am really a travel person and is really looking forward to finally setting foot on the place. Kaya lang I get a little hesitant considering that Ilocos is a 10-12 hour drive from Manila and mister’s only been driving for a few months. Although he assured that he can, it’s either he’d get too exhausted or our accommodation will be sayang. We’ll only be travelling as a family – me, mister and the little kid and I can’t drive.

Baguio, Bataan and Subic are our options. Metrodeal has a good catch for Whiterock Resort in Subic. Las Casas Filipinas in Bataan is indeed a wonderful place to visit but a bit expensive so I’m crossing it off on my list.

Canyon Cove is another option. I heard it’s a good place to relax and only a few hours away from Manila. Reading on the reviews, it’s kid friendly, too.

Apparently, checking on our expenses for the month, I personally think it would be more practical not to go out of town yet. Huhu but priorities first. We have Jhia’s vaccine and the car’s PMS on the top of our list. Overnight trips will cost us above Php4000 so I guess goodbye, beach muna. Otherwise, we’ll miss leaving a few for our savings. Syempre, ayoko yun. Regardless how little, there should always be something for the bank every month. Save up, save up!

My heart is honestly broken. Samin ni mister, I am admittedly the one with the itchy foot. I always have ‘Hey, we need to breath fresh air every once in a while and escape the hustle and bustle of the city’ as a perfect excuse. Tama naman diba? But I’d rather go heartbroken than financially broken. I won’t risk our savings just to spoil myself, kahit na may extra naman.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because when you become a family, things change. Two years ago, when there’s only me and the mister, we can do whatever we want and go wherever we want to without any hesitation, may natitira padin for our savings. Now we have the little kid, we have more expenses than we pay for before. Dati, we’re only mindful of our own expenses. Ngayon, there’s Jhia’s needs too that we have to always put into consideration no. 1. To be honest, before ang motivation ko to save up is my to-go list. Ngayon, it’s always for the little kid. Jhia – she changed me in ways I never have imagined. All for the better, though.

Anyway, we can still celebrate naman without spending too much. Last year nga sa bahay lang kami because Jhia’s too little then we cannot bring her out yet. We’ll see. After all, it’s about us and not how we celebrate it. ♥


One thought on “adBONtures Times Three

  1. Same tayo Jhem, samin ng bf ko ako yung gusto ko gumala HAHAHAHAAH mga out of town keme pero once a year lang kami mag gaganyan din eh. Pag anniv din namin hahahaha

    Okay lang yan, gaya ng sabi ni Kyx sakin (bf ko) dadating din ang panahon na hindi na tayo magiisip masyado kung may pera pa o wala na or sakto lang, magkakaroon din tayo ng sapat hihi may sense ba yung sinabi ko parang hindi ko naintindihan din yung sinabi ko eh hahaahhaha

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