Little Kid’s First Costume Party

Yesterday, we were invited to a party by a family friend. Biboy, who turned four yesterday is the son of ate Cynthia and kuya JC, my sister’s friend. Ok, that may be too long to explain. Hehe. Anyway, we came to celebrate with them and because it’s Jhia’s first costume party, who could be more excited than me?

We didn’t spent too much on her costume, though. I only DIY-ed. Hehe.

Meet my little supervisor.. este, the little super girl.


With ate Yana


Group picture
Another one

Jhia’s costume:
TOP: Padala ni ate from US
SKIRT: Borrowed from ate Yana
CAPE: Sewn by Nanay (my sister’s mother-in-law)
BOOTS: Padala ni ate from US
HEADBAND: Bought online

See, I didn’t spent so much for this. I only bought the fabric the last minute and brought it to nanay to be sewn because I only had a week to prepare for the party I couldn’t scout on a good-but-cheap one anymore. Well, originally, ate Emy lend us Yana’s supergirl costume, the one ready-made but I refuse to wear it to her bcos 1) still a bit bigger and 2) the weather’s just too hot for the fabric used for the costume and it’s a long sleeve so I opted to stick with her superhero onesie and the skirt.

Our little super-visor. Haha. Because she kept on roaming around even while the program is ongoing, as if checking if the kids are having fun. Oh, Jhia! You grow up so fast, anak. I wish I can do something to slow you down.

I always knew kids’ party are fun. But I never knew that tagging along your own child to another kid’s party is exciting, until I am able to bring Jhia along. Even more cool as she becomes more and more adorable enjoying the party in her own little way.

Oh, the joys of seeing your daughter grow.

Thanks so much, Alarilla family for inviting us. Happy birthday, kuya Biboy!

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