Irresponsible Parenthood

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about newborn being left or thrown somewhere, or pregnant women attempting abortion. Or mothers coming back to the child they left behind after giving birth. Lord, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.

It’s heartbreaking to hear such news. These children are innocent they don’t know what you are doing so please stop depriving them the world they deserve to explore. So many women praying for conception and then you would want to kill that innocent little heartbeat inside you. Where is your conscience? If you are not yet ready for the responsibility or do not have enough resources as you may thought then stop having sex with your partner. If you are too young then don’t do it. The life that’s starting to build inside of you doesn’t have anything to do with your negligence. So please, please. Don’t let them suffer. They deserve to live.

For the mothers who left their children right after birth, I wish you wouldn’t regret what you have done someday. And please do not come back when the innocent child you have left behind is already living the life he/she deserved. You are only making things complicated for them.

Yes, take this from someone who was given away by her mother after giving birth; Someone whose biological mom returned after a few years trying to make up with the times lost; someone who finds it hard to forgive and accept that her first heartbreak would be her mom.

Pregnancy is such an amazing journey. Having a little heartbeat inside of you is the most beautiful thing on earth. Being able to touch the little child is just the loveliest.

Women, be human enough to take responsibility of your actions. Do not kill an innocent child. Do not waste the opportunity of being a mother many might have missed. Do not commit yourself a crime that even God would not accept. Love yourself and love that little life in your womb.


The woman who was given away by her biological mom after giving birth;

The woman who experienced miscarriage at the time she was praying for a child;

The woman who is now a mother of a two month old cutie little girl.

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